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Susan Lawrence and Peter Schmiedl

Susan Lay

  • Maybe

    Maybe I am not the one you had in mind Maybe I`m not the one that you thought was your type Maybe I`m not the one that you`ve been dreaming of Maybe I`m not the one you thought would bring you love But maybe I`m just what you nee...

Susan Tedeschi

  • Angel From Montgomery

    (Written by John Prine)

    I am an old woman
    Named after my mother
    My old man is another
    Child that`s grown old

    If dreams were thunder
    And lightnin` was desire
    This old house would`a burned do...


  • Свобода

    Веселый Роджер Свобода Свобода Жили-не тужили о свободе говорили Но вот как-то раз такую тему замутили Мозгом все можно понять Кедами тертая, ручками хлоп Такая проблема уже второй год Не можем на месте стоять Свобода - это моя валюта Свобода - это ...


  • All I Want

    You mystify with the things that you say. You`re telling me you`re leaving, that you`re going away to take a trip to find, and leave behind the love. I`ve got a destination, a suggestion for you. You won`t need a jet plane or a luxury cruise.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, The

  • Science Fiction Double Feature

    Michael Rennie was ill
    The day the earth stood still
    But he told us where we stand
    And Flash Gordon was thereоn silver underwear
    Claude Rains was the invisible man
    Then something went wrong
    For Fay Wray and Ki...

Kardinal Offishall f Afrolistics

  • P.W.O.T.

    [Kardinal Offishall] Offishall (right) Nappy heads true to the words aristocrate (true) Brother function with an automatic slang Yang makes the ying, we slang rhyme banging off the walls Like Brooklyn Smalls, yo we Biggie Yo must trust bust, though it`...

Bell Chris

  • Better Save Yourself

    I`m off the street I`m all alone I just can`t think What I`ve been doing wrong I know you`re mine He treats you nice It`s suicide I know, I tried it twice You should`ve given your love to Jesus It couldn`t do you no harm Should`ve...

Владимир Паньшин

  • Ну вот и все...

    Владимир Паньшин

    Am Am/C Dm6

    Ну, вот и все, E7 Am

    Вышли сроки, пора уезжать.

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