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Sunday At Eleven

  • Cold

    do see her lying in her bed and her hands wiping off her tears inside shes screaming out loud and believes that nothing ever is the way it appears she falls asleep, she sinks into her world its the only place where she feels ...

Sunday Drive

  • Sacred Delight

    Did you smile when you made the moon and gave the sky it`s color? Did Creation dance in rythm to your song of life I wonder? Did the angels know you knew my name before I existed? Did you tell them out of all you made why you gave...

King Tee f Ice Cube, MC Breeze

  • At Your Own Risk

    [King Tee] King Tee`s drunk again...Yo, check this out: awww shit, aw shit, I wanna dedicate this song to all them motherfuckers out there that-that-that- that-that-that-that (not again) perpentratin`...perpetratin`... perpin` tratin`. Wait, rewind.

Lil Flip

  • Da Freestyle King

    (talkin) Nigga, 2000, Y2K Me and Ron C all in yo muthafuckin` shit nigga fo sho, ha, man it`s goin` down y`all boyz need to fo sho get that cotton candy cotton mouth, all in yo` face nigga Uh huh, Lil Flipper, The Leprechaun aka Da Freestyle King Sucka...

Sunday`s Best

  • Brave But Brittle

    Whispers didn`t stop me from hearing it. Make it stop. Thick skin never stopped me from feeling it: "Maybe there`s reason you haven`t made it yet…" We`re brave but brittle so savor the little time that you shine.


  • 24 Hours

    few true cares have I as the world turns round I was blind but now I`m still blind too few cares have I as the world turns sour I was blind but now I`m still blind I liked you for 24 hours in your house & when the time has come to...


  • Ангел

    Позади меня дорога, по рукам бежит песок Подожди меня немного. Впереди меня восток Да, я буду там. Я буду там Я окутываю небо тёмно-синим полотном Я иду за тенью следом. Расскажи мне об одном Кем я буду там.

Шапиро Александр

  • Алёнушка

    Калина красная, да речка быстрая и ветер плещется в тени ветвей,
    Дорога дальняя, лежит как присказка, а я за сказкою спешу к тебе,
    Поля широкие, да небо синее, слетают искорки из под копыт,
    Как птица гордая взмахнувши крыльями, моя...

John M. Montgomary

  • The Little Girl

    this is a song that is very near to my heart
    and i hope it has a good feeling on your heart too...Leann jasper, GA

    her parents never took the young girl to church
    Never spoke of his name, never read her his word

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