Congratulations — текст песни (Sunday`s Best)

When did this get so hard?
If you think you`re so smart,
Then tell how can anything
So good fall apart?
You say it got “too dark.”
What does that mean anyway?

May 1st, Griffith Park,
Stayed up all night and talked
And talked and talked.
Locked our stuff in the car,
And for hours just walked
And walked and walked.

Congratulations. You`re half the way there.

It`s a victimless crime.
They say it all the time,
“Some things weren`t meant to be.”
Maybe one day you`ll find
That someone who shines.

For everything we got,
There`s some thing we want
And want and want.
It`s there in the dark.
We are now free to walk
And walk and walk.

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