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Владимир Моров

  • (по мотивам Ю.Визбора)

    Владимир Моров

    Ну, здорóво! Вот и встретились воочию.

    Ох, не виделись почти что бездну лет!

    Положение, как водится, упрочили,

    Отражение – к примеру, на стол...

Not Quite White

  • A New Day

    One Time in your life, you plead for sanity. Soon to realize that It cant be all that your hoping for. Maybe its just a dream. Decieving thoughts of behavior, but your not gonna fool me anymore.

Ol` Dirty Bastard f 62nd Assassin

  • Dirty & Stinkin`

    ODB: Yo, this ain`t a Wu-Tang type slang, know what I`m sayin? I wanna just represent the whole Clan you know what I`m sayin? The GZA, Prince Rakeem, you know what I`m sayin?, Ghostface Killah Shallah Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, Baby-U, Method Man, 12 O`...


  • Gasolina

    Trбfico mental
    Muy poca claridad
    Lo intento una vez mбs
    Y logro despegar

    La confusiуn se queda atrбs
    Y Tu impulso es tan real

    Eres gasolina que
    Me enciende a creer
    Nunca nada va a det...

Foxy Brown f Noreaga

  • Chyna Doll

    [Intro] Ughh, ladies, y`know how that sayin` goes Be careful what you ask for in life Cuz you just might get it Dependin` on what you ask for, what you get? You might not be able to get out of You heard? Ughh [Foxy] Niggas might take advantage if you...

Jurassic 5 f Nelly Furtado

  • Power in Numbers

    (Chali 2na) Yo, this is a lesson in friendship The depths of a kinship What women and men begin with, and then slip My pen drips As I scribble my thoughts on thin strips Of emotion A fraction, seduction, attraction Eruption of passion Corrupts if a las...

Lil` Flip f Play, Skillz

  • Out There Grindin` (Remix)

    Remix, remix, ha ha [Hook] Is it cause them boys is out there shinin`, (shinin`) Maybe cause them boys is out there grindin`, (grindin`) Platinum pieces wid Canary diamonds, (diamonds) The haters is talkin` but never mind them (never mind them) (2x) ...

El General

  • Boriqua Anthem

    ya tu sabbbeeeeeeeeesss
    asta la manana
    asta la mamna (repeat 5 times)
    best goes on into a techno like.....

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