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Vinnie Vincent Invasion

  • Ashes To Ashes

    (Vinnie Vincent) Rain on me baby mean mistreater lover You got me branded by your love iron With a love and affection I keep praying For your desire Sweet evil woman I walk through your fire CHORUS Ashes to ashes dust to dust I li...

Fat Pat f Double D

  • Why They Hatin` Us

    [Chorus] Tell me why they playa hate Steady talkin down cause I`m playa made Just because I`m playa made Makin all ya hoes sing my serenade [Double D] Now tell me why you wanna hate me Am I ur enemy playin close Tryna take what you like most? Or do ...


  • Inverted Science

    Bold face lies. not me! Nor me! its the other guy! So many ways to bend the truth The dishonesty is his, the silence is mine. They will never understand me, or reach me in time......:) we walk down the padded hall, white, and long.

Penthouse Players Clique f DJ Quik, Eazy

  • P.S. Phuk U 2

    [Eazy-E] This is Eazy motherfuckin` E, coming to you direct from the Penthouse And we chillin` in this motherfucker Yo Playa, spit [Playa Hamm] Break yourself hoes, you`re in the presence of his Mackness Ruthless/Priority is back with another platinum...

Владимир Моров

  • (по мотивам Ю.Визбора)

    Владимир Моров

    Ну, здорóво! Вот и встретились воочию.

    Ох, не виделись почти что бездну лет!

    Положение, как водится, упрочили,

    Отражение – к примеру, на стол...

Not Quite White

  • A New Day

    One Time in your life, you plead for sanity. Soon to realize that It cant be all that your hoping for. Maybe its just a dream. Decieving thoughts of behavior, but your not gonna fool me anymore.

Ol` Dirty Bastard f 62nd Assassin

  • Dirty & Stinkin`

    ODB: Yo, this ain`t a Wu-Tang type slang, know what I`m sayin? I wanna just represent the whole Clan you know what I`m sayin? The GZA, Prince Rakeem, you know what I`m sayin?, Ghostface Killah Shallah Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, Baby-U, Method Man, 12 O`...


  • Gasolina

    Trбfico mental
    Muy poca claridad
    Lo intento una vez mбs
    Y logro despegar

    La confusiуn se queda atrбs
    Y Tu impulso es tan real

    Eres gasolina que
    Me enciende a creer
    Nunca nada va a det...

Foxy Brown f Noreaga

  • Chyna Doll

    [Intro] Ughh, ladies, y`know how that sayin` goes Be careful what you ask for in life Cuz you just might get it Dependin` on what you ask for, what you get? You might not be able to get out of You heard? Ughh [Foxy] Niggas might take advantage if you...

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