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  • Chitown`s Finest

    featuring Twista, Ms. Toi

    Yo check it out
    It`s the Twista in the house
    Representin K-Town, Westside of Chi
    No lie
    You know how we do it, Mobstability style
    Adrenaline rushin, sucke...

von Lauryn Hill

  • To Zion

    Unsure of what the balance held
    I touched my belly overwhelmed
    By what I had been chosen to perform
    But then an angel came one day
    Told me to kneel down and pray
    For unto me a man child would be born
    Woe this ...


  • Imbecile Anthem

    Imbecile Anthem

    Youґre the master we are tools
    We follow your star we are the ship of fools

    How can you ask whether I still love you
    you know there will be no answer as we know that I do
    Some mistakes ...

Z-Ro f Lil` Flip, Paul Wall

  • From the South

    [Hook - 4x] From the South I got the diamonds in my mouth [Z-Ro] Hold up a minute, I`m the King of the Ghetto Holding the rap game, like wood grain can`t let go You niggaz`ll never see me, I`m on another level Stay ready to dig a grave, keep a gun and...

Аркадий Брязгин

  • 15 декабря 1989 года

    Брязгин Аркадий

    Природе плохо стало поутру.

    Шли тучи строем сереньким и рваным.

    На Горького трепало на ветру

    лист самиздатский с Ельциным и Гдляном.

Kid Capri f Foxy Brown, The Lox

  • My Niggas

    Yeah Uhhh [Foxy] It`s time for everybody To get they muthafuckin` minds right Cause it`s about to go down Straight like that Oooh Uhhh Kid Capri Ill Na Na And the muthafuckin` L-O-X That`s right Chorus (Styles) >From the top of New York, where they ...

Manic Hispanic

  • Uncle Chato`s Garden

    Party tommorrow and I`m getting all excited Everyone in my Barrio`s invited All the hienas will be looking fine And cervezas will be flowin` My abuelita has been cooking for a week straight Home-made tamales will be pilin` o...

Manic Rage

  • If I could

    MANIC RAGE IF I COULD I wish I could escape From all this anger and all this hate Take me away to a better place Far from these thoughts Far from this state I wish I could leave Run away and not return I wish I could fe...

Byrne Pat And Joe

  • Land God Gave To Caine

    The Land God Gave to Caine Pat and Joe Byrne A G A Long before the white man came to haul the shining cod, ...

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