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Jelena Karleusa

  • Ide Maca Oko Tebe

    Ti si sreco pravi muskarac
    Pogledom svaku skidas
    Samo tesne majce nosis
    Ti sreco sam na sebe otkidas

    Mislis da su sve zene tvoje igrackice na navijanje
    Ja mislim da si stvarno zasluzio jedno malo odbijan...

Los Hitters

  • Un Hombre Respetable

    Les dirй que fui un don nadie
    Y ni una chica se fijaba en mн
    Hoy muchas cosas he logrado
    Y han de saber por que razуn
    De dнa y de noche he trabajado
    Y siento satisfacciуn

    Y ahora soy un hombre

OutKast f Khujo (Goodie Mob)

  • Gasoline Dreams

    Alright (Repeat 28X) [Hook] Don`t everybody like the smell of gasoline? Well burn motherfucka burn American Dream Don`t everybody like the taste of Apple Pie? We`ll snap for your slice of life I`m tellin` ya why I hear that mother nature`s now on birt...

Reyes De Sinaloa, Los

  • 5 Minutos

    5 minutos de tu amor yo kiero
    5 minutos de tu amor espero
    5 minutos de tu amor mivida
    con eso tengo con eso tengo

    5 minutos de tu amor mi cielo
    5 minutos decirte te quiero
    5 minutos de tu amor mivid...

Magalona Francis

  • Bahala Na

    Bahala na, sabi ng karamihan, ugali na hindi maiwasan Sa gawain, maging sa pamumuhay, hindi malimot ang wikang bahala na Bahala na, kahit na sa pag-diga ang binatang uhaw sa ...

Treasure 2

  • Reality

    Gotta find, gotta find my own reality And the way to make you see Gotta find, gotta find my own reality And the way to make you see You make me fly, you make me find Gotta find, gotta find You make me fly, you make me find ...

Treasure Seeker

  • Flames Of Fire

    [Originally recorded by Leviticus] You are clothed with majesty and glory And cover yourself with light You spread out the heavens like a tent And built our home on the waters above You use the clouds as your chariot And ride on ...


  • Knoc

    Whatchu want? Whatchu want? Get off me [Knoc] I pull quick, it`s useless [Knoc] I`m fully clipped, 6 fo` fully dipped [Knoc] Throw chrome whip with three freaks and full hips with firm tits [Dr.D] Yeah we fully chipped, been on g...


  • Cut Throat

    One life here One soul there I`m bored with living I don`t even care Suck up their brain Rip out their heart Spit in their eyes I`m known from the start We are just cut-throat We are just cut-throat Worshipping sin We are just cu...

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