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  • Клубничное

    Я тебя повстречала, в твои сети попала Провалилась, пропала в твоих нежных глазах Ты меня так целуешь, ты меня так ревнуешь Ты меня так волнуешь.

Унесенные ветром

  • Горячий язычок

    Ты войдёшь в подъезд с ключом в руке, А в твоём почтовом ящике - Лишь рекламная кампания, Да ещё с таким названьем... Просто сжёг Горячий язычок, Горячий язычок, Горячий язычок.

Corries, The

  • I Once Loved

    I once loved a lass
    I loved her sae weel
    I hated all others who spoke of her ill
    But now she`s rewarded me well for my love
    For she`s gone to be wed to another

    I saw my love to the church go
    With brides...

Florian feat. Enter the Tainment

  • Rhythm of the Rain

    We`re only making plans for Nigel
    We only want what`s best for him
    We`re only making plans for Nigel
    Nigel just needs this helping hand
    And if young Nigel says he`s happy
    He must be happy
    He must be happy in h...

Ocean Blue

  • 10 10 Cloud Deck

    She`s seventeen
    by only a day
    Sass magazine
    whatever they say
    You don`t believe her
    You can`t believe her
    You won`t believe her now
    Bad wasted boy
    he`s mad at the world
    Sings angry stupid son...


  • A Little Something

    I thank Yah for the effort that He set in my soul And for His Son and all my brothers who perfected my hope For all the times and the love that I neglected to show I`ve grown better through this stress in the regret that I`ve known The molten fire deep...

Theatre Of Tragedy

  • ...A Distance There Is...

    Come in out of the rain thou sayest -
    but thou ne`er stept`st aside;
    And I am trapp`d - A distance there is...
    None, save me and the bodkin - pitter-patter on the roof;
    Behold! - `tis not the rain; thence me it has to be ...

Utada Hikaru

  • 100 Reasons Why

    100 reasons why. You should love me. It don`t hurt to try. Won`t you come over tonight Tell me. Where yould you find another girls like me. Admit that I`m the one for you You drive me crazy. I`ll be all you dream of.


  • Selvmord

    La ikke livet ta din sjel,
    sjelen tilhorer doden.
    Finn ingen glede i livet,
    for der er ingen.
    vi har intet sikkert,
    bare doden.
    Livet holder oss borte,
    fra det eneste vi har.
    Doden er ver egen,

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