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Андрей Шумский

  • Miserere (А.Шумский+Н.Басков)

    Miserere, miserere Miserere, misero me Pero` brindo alla vita! Ma che mistero, e`la mia vita Che mistero Sono un peccatore dell`anno ottantamila Un menzognero! Ma dove sono e cosa faccio Come vivo? Vivo nell`anima del mondo Perso nel vivere profondo! ...

Wu-Tang Clan f Blak Twang

  • Careful (Twang vs. Tang Remix)

    [Blak Twang] Come on, all my British youths go OI! (OI!) Whether you`re jiggy ragga youths or b-boys It`s the South London trooper super eagle super with wu London Zoo elephant breakin` out to scare crews BE CAREFUL, mind how you step to me blood You d...

Michael Peterson

  • Before Another Day Goes By

    (Michael Peterson/Josh Leo/Robert Ellis Overrall) Tonight as I lay close to you You whispered in my ear, just how much you love me I wiped away your tears After you were fast asleep I looked out at the stars And counted one for e...

Spanish Fly

  • Believe In Me

    (N/A) Verse: 1 The last time you said, goodbye I really believed, that it was over..


  • Head Up To The Sky

    -------- There`s a lot of talkin` goin` round That I`m no good at all. But can you find one reason baby Just to let me fall. I will always love you No matter what they say no.

Мария Якубович

  • Скрипач

    Стихи Ю. Гольдберг

    Завершающим аккордом

    Завершается работа,

    Завершается забота


    Но постойте, но позвольте,

    Но помедлите немного,

Wu-Tang Clan f Curse

  • Careful (Click, Click)

    * send corrections on the German to this typist [Curse] Yo, yo, es macht kein Sinn mit mir Streit zu beginn` Denn ich fьhl` mich so wie`s Mike Tyson ging Ich hab nix zu verlieren und beiЯ` dir ins Fleisch und bring` ScheiЯ ьber MC`s die nur Battle Ver...


  • Believe

    How can I explain something not of this world A man hung between two thieves Blood dripping from His hands and brow Pulling with His nailed wrists for each breath People spit on Him and mocked His name This was a man that came to ...

Wu-Tang Clan f Le Rat Luciano

  • Careful (Le Rat Remix)

    [RZA as Bobby Digital] Wait, hold up, chill, what`s that son? Damn nigga got fuck shit, huh? The God stack, watch nigga run Seven in the center of your eight point sun Old type grip on the God-U, Now you best be Careful, can`t dodge two Self-heats aime...

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