Head Up To The Sky — текст песни (Spargo)


There`s a lot of talkin` goin` round
That I`m no good at all.
But can you find one reason baby
Just to let me fall.

I will always love you
No matter what they say
Let the people do their talkin` -
We`re gonna find our way.

Keep your had up to the sky -
You`ll be flyin` high
on a rainbow
in the air
There`s no way that you can fly

But you always gotta try
to keep on goin`

When you`re feelin` lonely
feelin` blue -
You don`t know what to do
Just remember one thing baby

Someome cares for you.

Just keep your head together

See the bright sides of life.
Thru` rain and stormy weather
We surely will survive.

Keep your head up to the sky

What the people say
it hasn`t got a meaning.
We will find a way
well maybe it won`t work the first time.
Look up to the sky
and you will find a rainbow.
Better look next time
I hope you`ll find a way to go on -

I will always love you

Keep your head up to the sky

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