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Audrey Landers

  • Little River

    Sunny afternoon on the riverside children playing games of seek-and-hid@ They throw the colored ball and they hide away But the devil stopped their harmless play.


  • Whore

    Im a stupid women and I dont have a job the one i have is beauty and with it I earn money last night next to me parked a snob and asked me:Have you joy?, I said :YEAH ! and went in when he opened the door, when he opened the door...

Auf Der Maur

  • Followed The Waves

    Feel me sneaking around again Am I hangin` around again? Can`t you see? That my heart lies, my heart lies to you I followed the waves to you, I cannot see it through But my heart lies to you You`ll never have me true (I lie) Pl...

Red Animal War

  • Blue Shift

    peer through the cracked stained glass closely observe open up your mouth follow it down you`ll never learn go witch-hunt your friends go shed skin blue shift the blame all i want we just can`t get and i believe there`s nothing mi...

better than ezra

  • A Lifetime

    Allie woke up 8am Graduation day. Got into a car, And crashed along the way. When we arrived late to the wake, Stole the urn while they Looked away, And drove to the beach cause I knew youd want it That way.

Normal Generation

  • Lord I Lift

    Verse: Lord I lift your name on high Lord I love to sing your praises I`m so glad you`re in my life I`m so glad you came to save us.

Norman Blake

  • You Are My Sunshine

    The other night, dear, as I lay sleeping I dreamed I held you in my arms When I awoke, dear, I was mistaken And I hung my head & cried You are my sunshine, my only sunshine You make me happy when skies are gray You`ll never know,...

Norman Petty

  • Maybe Baby

    Maybe baby I`ll have you. Maybe baby you`ll be true. Maybe baby I`ll have you for me. It`s funny honey; you don`t care. You never listen to my prayer. Maybe baby you will love me some day.

mercury program

  • from the vapor of gasoline

    song : from the vapor of gasoline band : the mercury program album : from the vapor of gasoline tabbed by : matt ross ( EADG tuning turn the LOW up nice and high put HIGH in the middle turn MID down nice and low x : mute ~ : ...

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