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  • Honeymoon

    Wedding bells as heard from a bus Clanging bells, they ring for the two of us When they`re through with us Up in the sky, threatening cloud drifts by Eloped so soon, hope there`s no typhoon On our honeymoon Kids casting stones wav...

Derek and dominoes

  • Anyday

    You were talking and I thought I heard you say
    Please leave me alone.
    Nothing in this world can make me stay.
    I`d rather go back, I`d rather go back home.

    But if you believed in me like I believe in you,
    We c...

hardesty rich

  • i never wanna fucking see you again

    This song is soo cool! if any of you who read this now who Rich Hardesty is email me at (Daniel Jacobson) because like no one knows him since he is underground Never Wanna Fucking See You Again (G) Well your all upset about (D...

Cora and Frank

  • Morning Of My Life

    Jeden Morgen wenn die Einsamkeit verweht und die Sonne ihren Weg am Himmel geht kommen Stunden voller Hoffnung und die Tränen trocknet dir der Wind ! Jeden Morgen wenn ein neuer Tag beginnt.

Corcoran Jim

  • On S`est Presque Touch

    On s`est presque touch, on s`est presque connu J`ai failli tout croire, mais le mystre se faisait lourd J`ai failli m`oublier, m`abandonner comme un chiot J`crois bien que j`t`ai mme aim Mais le silence se faisait lourd Beaucoup t...

Cordone Nathalie

  • Hasta Siempre

    Aprendimos a quererte Desde la historica altura Donde el sol de tu bravura Le puso un cerco a la muerte Aqu se queda la clara La entraable transparencia De tu querida presencia Comandante Che Guevara Vienes quemando la brisa C...

II Tru f Tombstone, Sin, Ken Dawg, Flesh

  • Two Hits and Pass

    [Sin] A high plane`s drifter keepers of the night We shiftin`, strugglin` with all our might We fight to restore order, reporters from Hell Distorted visions impair the thinkin`, be blinkin` in and out You better watch me I see this thrown, `cause the ...

Natalie Brown

  • Confused

    (N. Brown/J. Rwakaara)

    I feel a challenge in my soul today
    Questioning things I believed in so firmly yesterday
    How can I have faith in myself and what I feel to be true
    When the next day I feel my heart a...

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