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  • Hold Me

    Hold Me

    Every time I see you
    You look so good
    You’ve got that magic, wo-oh
    Like a girl should
    I just wanna tell you
    Exactly how I feel
    I want you to know, girl
    That my love for you is real, ...

Menzel Idina

  • All Of The Above

    I am your sexy girl I am your baby girl I am your innocence I am your mother I`m Lady Chatterly Or Lady Chastity Or some anonymous lover I can be your little virgin (at the Commack Motor Inn) Or your dominatrix (in your parent`s b...

Son Seals

  • Frigidaire Woman

    I used to have a girl but she was no where I started ta callin` her, Frigidaire She cut my heart cold so it stayed nice and fresh And my love life was just a frozen mess, now Awww now ya`ll do it Mean frigidaire woman Mean frigid...

Son Volt

  • Catching On

    Can`t find a reason Can`t find a way Guess it`s not you and me Only dogs have their day Another case of words that melt It`s not a question of right Nightmares in broad daylight Season crash, season burn You survive another turn A...

Александр Градский

  • Bridge over troubled

    When you`re weary
    Feeling small
    When tears are in your eyes
    I will dry them all

    I`m on your side
    When times get rough
    And friends just can`t be found
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will...

Kaptein Sabeltann

  • SjшRшVerne Kommer

    (Hiv og hoi, lett anker, skal bli`)
    Vi seilte fra karibien og ankret opp i natt,
    jeg har hшrt et gammelt
    rykte om en helt fantastisk skatt
    Kaptein Sabeltann, er en farlig mann,
    Nе kan jeg lukte gull derfor ror ...

Laura Voutilainen

  • Addicted To You

    You don`t know how I was then
    All broken up, my pride was stolen
    I lived a little lie
    I wouldn`t show the hurting inside

    I was living in emptiness
    I was out of love
    Guard my heart, my wall was so high...

Menzel Peter

  • About Music

    it was nice and everything was alright. I heard another one written by Sheryl Crow it was deep, dark, sarcastic with an e-bow. I heard a rock written by Jakob Dylan it was melancholic, blue and it makes me sad.


  • Across Oceans Of Time

    Shadows of the netherworld
    Bearer of the coming age
    Masters of all entity
    The universal rage
    Grand scale of unknown dimensions
    Serpent`s deathkiss no redemption
    Guardian of the ancient urn
    Where fragment...

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