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Haranga MGL

  • Only With Mongolia

    Great fire burning
    You supplied the spark
    Fores burning spreading through the ark
    Animals are panicking
    I`m animal and panicking
    Your glance a match on the tinderwood
    You never spoke but I understood

Journey & Steve Augeri

  • Remember Me

    Find myself all alone
    In darkness without you
    Now I can`t turn away
    From what I must do
    You know I`d give my life for you
    More than words can say
    I`ve shown you how to love someone
    I know you`ll find a w...

Abi & Esther Ofraim

  • In The Morning

    In the morning when the moon is out to trust

    You will see me at the time I love the best.
    Watching rainbows play on sunlights

    Pools of water
    ice stream cold nights.
    In the morning
    it is the morni...

Kardinal Offishall f Denosh

  • Breakdown (Keep Moving)

    [Kardinal Offishall] I just started, just finished Lyrics complete the circle of a rap singer Combine with feeling mean and plus a reason And to rock it for the season And niggas on the lookout Take away your strips of General status, baddest Always mo...

Crimson Moon

  • Amidst Labyrinthes Of Depression

    As I journey to my darkest depths of my mind and my soul to escape
    my Earthly woe,
    I descend to my depths.
    To live on is to bask in pain.
    Misery is thy mortality.
    I find myself amidst Labyrinthes of Depression.

Theory of a Dead Man

  • Any Other Way

    You`ve tried to open your mouth but only shit would come out I always wondered where you got it from You haven`t heard a damn word I`ve said, you never believed in anything I did I don`t care what you`re doing, do what you wan...

Blut Aus Nord

  • Day Of Revenge (the Impure Blood Of Thei

    War ! Revenge`s day has come, let`s spill the blood of the bastard In front of us the vast towers of the Magansts castle pierced the noctural beauty of the strarry sky The rays of the fullmoon enlighted the sinister gargoyles of s...

Abi Band 2000 feat. Tommy Kaulard

  • Im Wagen Vor Mir

    Rata Rata...

    Im Wagen vor mir fהhrt ein drner Mהdchen
    Sie fהhrt allein und sie glaubt schnell zu sein
    Ich kenne ihren Namen und ich kenne auch ihr Ziel
    Ich merke auch sie schont so ihr...


  • In The Twilight

    Now You must remember when There was a time When I was on the inside I was looking out Looking only to defend all that was mine I had nothing, and no-one could touch me Well, you know that if it hadn`t been for you If it wasn`t fo...

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