Sender Of Nocturnal Visions — текст песни (Crimson Moon)

Within my Cold dreams,
I rise unto a dark moonless sky and through the dark,
I see the distant flames, the torch-lit crossroads
where the sender of nightly visions dwells the Ancient roads.
I hail to thee, Hecate. I embrace your visions of the night.
Weaver of the web that guides me through the astral planes.
Accept the black slave sacrifice.
I hail to thee, night riding goddess.
Upon the shrine beneath the light of the full moon,
I place the offering before thee, deity of magick and prophecy.
Oh, Trinitarian goddess of witches.
Whisper unto thee, the dark secrets of Sorcery.

And through my dreams thou has sent me
visions of the heavens, the Earth and the Underworld.
Thou has opened the eye upon my brow, I gaze out with prophecy,
I gaze through the eye of Draconis upon the cold and dismal nocturnal visions,
to stars unseen by man - I cast forth thy fanged tendrils through thy serpent eye -
And within the night`s veil, I invoke the 3 fold goddess.
With the face of a Serpent the face of a horse and the face of a dog.
Hecate of the night appears before me.
Let us commune with the secrets of fire, under the darksome moonless night.
Hecate, she who sends visions of the night entrance me with your might.
I invoke to thee unto thine circle and sacrifice the black lamb,
spilling the blood upon your altar, I cry forth your sacred names -
guide me through the Web of Wyrd, unto the victims I haunt -
I shall gather the life blood through the night from the slave race to sacrifice.
Hail unto thee Nocturne Goddess I embrace your visions in blood

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