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Baker Scott

  • Fatman your floor... 300 pounds...maybe more... `cause I`m the Fatman! Well he don`t care about anything except his juicy chicken wings... He had to add a hole to his belt in the heat his belly melts... because he`s...

Bakerc And The Troll Clique

  • Don`t Send That Printing (to My Desk)

    (D. Carten/D.Roberts/C.Baker/H. Turnip) Wake up in the morning, And what do I see? A million different printouts all waiting for me Laser printer, colour printer, S.I.C too Its getting too much, far too much for me to do (Too much...

Youssou Ndour

  • Neneh Cherry7 seconds

    7 seconds Youssou Ndour / Neneh Cherry Lyrics Nothing can move us, we should be moving From the ones who practice wicked charms For the son and the stone Bad to the bone Man is not evil, even when it`s born And when ...

Bakula Scott

  • Somwhere In The Night

    On the day I walked away, All the blue rolled into gray. Now in the dark, alone I lay. Should have stopped, But I could never ever stay. Somewhere in the night, Inside my dreams you burn so bright.

Childs Toni

  • Dreamer

    Toni Childs, David Ricketts can`t stop, stop the hurting can`t stop, stop the breathing can`t stop, stop these tears for you my dear don`t know why it`s so bad this life`s been so bad I`m glad I finally found you here you`re the v...

Balaam And The Angel

  • Big City Fun Time Girl

    Can`t work can`t sleep Can`t stop I`m so weak Oh can`t you see just what you done to me Long hair sweet lips Worn jeans on soft hips Just can`t resist the magic in your kiss I couldn`t die without you My big city fun time girl Hot...


  • Bite

    You tell your friends you`re just well built but maybe you`re fat. Have you thought about that? You`ve got to bite that food, got to bite that food You`ve gotta get it inside you.

Benny Yau

  • Smiley

    Smiley Man Won`t You Save Your Smile
    Smiley Gal Won`t You Save That Smile
    Smiley People Should Save Their Smiles On A Rainy Day Like This

    Once In My Lifetime I Have Been Caught
    With A Frown On My Face
    And I H...

Chris Isaak

  • 5:15

    Oh-h-h-h 5:15 is just a train 5:24 it leaves the station again Tell me why Did she go 5:15 is just a line Big Mac train took the girl of mine Tell me where does she go Tell me where does she go What big dreams we had Now I watch...

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