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Childs Toni

  • Dreamer

    Toni Childs, David Ricketts can`t stop, stop the hurting can`t stop, stop the breathing can`t stop, stop these tears for you my dear don`t know why it`s so bad this life`s been so bad I`m glad I finally found you here you`re the v...

Balaam And The Angel

  • Big City Fun Time Girl

    Can`t work can`t sleep Can`t stop I`m so weak Oh can`t you see just what you done to me Long hair sweet lips Worn jeans on soft hips Just can`t resist the magic in your kiss I couldn`t die without you My big city fun time girl Hot...


  • Bite

    You tell your friends you`re just well built but maybe you`re fat. Have you thought about that? You`ve got to bite that food, got to bite that food You`ve gotta get it inside you.

Benny Yau

  • Smiley

    Smiley Man Won`t You Save Your Smile
    Smiley Gal Won`t You Save That Smile
    Smiley People Should Save Their Smiles On A Rainy Day Like This

    Once In My Lifetime I Have Been Caught
    With A Frown On My Face
    And I H...

Chris Isaak

  • 5:15

    Oh-h-h-h 5:15 is just a train 5:24 it leaves the station again Tell me why Did she go 5:15 is just a line Big Mac train took the girl of mine Tell me where does she go Tell me where does she go What big dreams we had Now I watch...

Handsome Boy Modeling School f Casual

  • It`s Like That

    Alright it`s getting really close to the election day I`m voting please don`t cut off my section eight As soon as pastor pass the collection plate I`m like shit I`m trying to stack for a escalade But pay your ties times money I divise wise cunning litt...


  • Alec Eiffel

    Pioneer of aerodynamics
    (little eiffel, little eiffel)
    they thought he was real smart alec
    (little eiffel, little eiffel)
    he thought big they called it a phallic
    (little eiffel, little eiffel)
    they didn`t know...

Junction 18

  • Dakota

    Hey I know, that I can`t talk to you right now But I want you to see that I`ll never let you down And I can`t stop these things from overcoming me I have to learn to set you free I thought I`d be there for you Now you`re que...

Houston f Chingy, I-20, Nate Dogg

  • I Like That (Extended Version)

    [Intro - Chingy] (Houston) Houston! (bounce) Yeah, I like that! Ching-a-ling! (bounce) Nate Dogg! I-20! Trak Starz! Yeah, I like that! ..I like that [Chorus - Houston & (Nate Dogg)] (Whoa! whoa! whoa! whoa!) I like that, I like that Girl, twurk that b...

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