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Flying Postmen

  • Come What May

    (A. Nicula/ E. Bojescu) That`s outside, it`s getting dark That`s inside, you light a spark M-m-m an` moreover It is rather cold now please do us a favour To let us come in flying And right away we`re gonna hold on If you decide ho...

Soopafly f Crooked I, Daz Dillinger

  • Can I Get Bucc

    [Daz Dillinger] Yes, yes yall,yes yes yall, yes, yes, yes, yes,yall Yes yes yall, yes yes yall, yes, yes, yes, yes,yall We got some people on the microphone here tonight They coming to give you to you rough, rugged, and raw You know that westcoast feel...

David Banner f Lil` Boosie, Magic

  • Ain`t Got Nothing

    (David Banner nigga) [David Banner] GEAH! Louisiana and Mississippi Magic and Banner (Lil` Boos) Body Head nigga, hahaha, Big Face [Chorus: Magic] Now we can take a walk to my truck (BUT I AIN`T GOT NUTTIN) And I ain`t tryin to say you`re a duck (BU...


  • Alone Again

    I`m alone again, I wonder if I`ve lost a friend I`m alone again, I wonder if this time it`s the end I`m alone again, standing looking down over the edge I`m alone again, frightened what I`ll find under the bed I`m blown by the win...

Riblja Corba

  • Ajde Bezi

    Ja bled ko krec, od bola sam se prosto gusio, jo samo rec i znam da bih se odmah srusio. Zelim ti cistu savest sa mirnim snovima, ljubav i sveze meso deli sa nekim novima.

Scarface f Roy Jones Jr.

  • J Prince Presents: Realest Niggaz Down S

    [Scarface] That nigga Roy Jones slapped the shit outta some ho last night Ho was all off in the nigga face man, talkin` bout That ho was talkin` bout, talkin` bout, talkin` bout Ha, ha what that ho was talkin` bout Roy Ya just slapped the bitch huh, fu...

Борис Вячеславов

  • А ночью грянул норд-вест...

    Борис Вячеславов


    А ночью грянул норд-вест ни с того, ни с сего,

    Просто взял - и грянул.

    Хотя и не ждали, его упрекали всегда

    за избыточный рост и вес,

Broken hope

  • Awakening by stench

    This coffin isn`t big enough for me,
    Silk, satin and lace surrounding three,
    I hate being dressed up they`ve got me looking fucked up,
    I want out and no ones stopping me.

    My finger nails have grown strong enough


  • ...Just Dreaming

    I hear your voice from beyond
    It cuts deep from my skin

    My life without aim - my life without sense
    My life without aim - my life without sense

    The thoughts - the memories flow away with time
    Last mome...

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