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  • Between Heaven And Hell

    No rest from the demon within I`m always fighting to be free Battling the forces of evil Now fate has chose my destiny Walking through the fires of the land of the dead I`m between heaven and hell The righteous path is hidden fro...

Jefferson Paul

  • Check Please

    Sitting in a cafe talking to a lady Having a discussion about S-E-X In her early thirties she was talking kinda dirty I was totally excited but a nervous wreck Then she said before we`d ever get to the mat I`d have to walk her to ...

Master P, CCG, Silkk the Shocker

  • RIP

    [Master P] Rest in peace fool [* Pouring liquor out *] [Master P] This for all my niggas that ain`t here [Hook x2] R-I-P to my homies that are dead and gone Rest in peace to my homies that done made it home [Master P] R-I-P to Danny and Darnelle I ...

Nine Inch Nails

  • 10 Miles High

    [Vinyl version only] I`m getting closer, [4x] All the time, I`m getting closer, All the time, I`m getting closer, [2x] All the time, I`m getting closer, [5x] I tried to get so high, I made it 10 miles high, I`m gonna get so high...

Sporty Thievz

  • Angel

    An angel, an immortal spiritual creature, attendant upon God. An angel, a guardian sent to overlook [echoes] (Verse 1) Ay yo for you crooked cops, the thug life lookin nox Wife cooking rocks, I`m on lookout, but couldn`t watch It`s terrible the scenar...

Александр Софронов, Олег Щетников

  • Московская осень

    Стихи О. Щетникова

    Музыка А.Софронова


    Как женщины в жёлтых и красных плащах,



Bad Astronaut

  • 500 Miles

    if you miss the train i`m on you will know that i have gone and i`m 500 miles from my home a hundred miles a hundred miles a hundred miles a hundred miles you can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles not a shirt on my back not a penny to my name no i ...

Jefferson Starship

  • Alien

    Are you an alien Are you from this earth Would you care to tell me Details of birth Did you just emerge from thin air Can you even tell me Are you really there Jet age dreams From days gone by The circle in te forest Whe...

Mr. Pookie

  • Annie Maes

    [mr. pookie] Follow my wickedness, now can you picture this? 2 deadly crooks, went off tha hook, Don smoked a blunt, I feel tha dizzyness Twist yo ass up, real tight wrapped up like twizzler My nigga jus wont cha to feel a, ...

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