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Hamilton Bohannon

  • Disco Stomp

    He makes a beeline for the place
    Where he gets his only ace
    Sometimes he`s standing in the rain
    Oh Gene Kelly`s hat and cane
    He has the Rhythm in his head
    He has the Rhythm, sing!
    It`s chaotic at the bar

Katie Holmes (Dawson`s Creek) Original: Les Miserables

  • On my Own

    On my Own
    Pretending he`s beside me
    All alone, I walk with him till morning
    Without him I feel his arms around me
    And when I lose my way I close my eyes
    And he has found me

    In the rain the pavement shin...


  • Collectors chamber

    Kopper med blod fra dode fyrster.
    Begere fylt med mjod.
    Safter fra elskov og kjodelige lyster.
    Lukter som varsler om dod.

    Skuffer med knokler fra opprevne dyr, fingre fra onde menn
    Lyseblo kropper fra hengend...

Ugly Kid Joe

  • 10/10

    written by Ugly Kid Joe Hey, do you finally see it Wait, we are there Fate, refuse to believe it May, I don`t care Ten outta ten die Framed, we`ll try to escape it Safe, it ain`t fair Wait, we`ll try to achieve it May, I don`t ca...


  • 21st Century Schizoid Man

    Originally performed by King Crimson

    Cat`s foot iron claw
    Neuro-surgeons scream for more
    At paranoia`s poison door
    Twenty first sentury schizoid man.

    Blood rack barbed wire
    Politicians` funeral p...


  • Wir sind die Meiers

    Wir heißen alle Meier
    und Papa ist sehr gescheit:
    für kuschelweiche Unterhosen geht er meilenweit.
    So ein Trikot
    das macht ihn froh
    und ist sein ganzes Glück

    denn es bringt verbrauchte


  • Точки (Нет)

    Ты знаешь мой ответ - нет, нет, нет Он был таким всегда. Да, да, да Я выйду за края, в глубокие моря, я брошу якоря Ты знаешь мой ответ - нет, нет, нет Мне с тобой неинтересно В сердце нет свободных мест Я сказала тебе честно Можешь выразить протест Я...


  • Call To Judgement

    Surrounded by infection. Increasing mass forms our nation. Blind hordes create our demise. Succumbed by a worthless living. I`ll never follow you into your herded lives.

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