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Insane Clown PosseTwiztidBlazeMyzery

  • Dumpin`

    (Jamie Madrox talking) Yea you got the album, now meet Bullet, Foe Foe, Cell Block, Full Clip And i`m Lil` Shank, diss` Psychopathic Rydas motha` fucka` (Blaze) Cut`em all out when ya bust is found Pop, pop, biggity bop, that be the sound Low down wi...


  • Sky High

    Sky high!

    Born to be an angel
    You would never surrender, surrender
    Lovely arms you has
    When you hold me you make me warm, girl
    Oh lovely heart

    Just you can drive me crazy
    And I could I scre...


  • Chronic 2000

    featuring Treach (Naughty By Nature)

    Intro: Treach
    It`s Time to throw your dubs up
    Time to tear da fuckin` clubs up
    Chronic 2 on the Jersey Set
    For all you niggaz who ain`t heard me yet
    WE RIDE! C...

brian setzer orchestra

  • (The legend of) Johnny Kool

    written by B. Setzer I had one cup of coffee and a cigarette Then I rolled out of bed with my shirt soaking wet If I was gonna get movin`, now was the time So I packed up my bags and my Gretsch `59 It`s a tough life, love But wh...

bright eyes

  • A Celebration Upon Completion

    My grandfather`s name was Moon
    Because his eyes were bright and round
    And no amount of time or liquor could dull them
    My grandmother`s name was Joy
    Bcause it spilled out of her heart
    And bathed her precious children...


  • Breaking The Waves

    All of a sudden The watch shouted out: "It`s time to prepare cause the Ireland shores are in sight" A christian town is in our reach We`re ready And we`ve taken a stand Fighting til death Breaking the waves Fighting til...

britny fox

  • Black and White

    T. Paris, MK Smith, B. Childs, J. Dee Liplock warrior only got a story Her laser lies cuttin` you through Woman don`t you waste it only wanna taste it No-talk session for you Sex-ya on the red line lookin` lookin` so fine She`...

brooklyn funk essentials

А.Губин А.Балакирева

  • Время романтиков

    Я скажу Тебе скажу - останься здесь Посмотри какое небо над головой Столько лет тебя искал И вот ты есть Значит мир теперь имеет смысл простой Это не девочки Это не мальчики Это волшебные Души романтиков Время меняется Все повторяется Ромео с Джульетт...

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