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  • Call Me Back

    Yes i do, yes i do!

    I messed around,
    didn`t cheat,
    all she wanted was my autograph,
    and yeah, it`s true, where were two,
    There was no one there to hold me back;
    But i`m with you, and i do,
    Think ...

Linda Kendrick

  • Stupid Cupid

    Stupid Cupid you`re a real mean guy I`d like to clip your wings so you can`t fly I`m in love and it`s a crying shame And I know that you`re the one to blame. Hey Hey set me free - Stupid Cupid stop pickin` on me.


  • 17 Of Snow

    There were 17 of snow. Oooo, I wanna go. But this time just my be my last. It was there and ready to go. Oooo, it had a glow. But this one did not have the same shine. There were 17 of snow. Oooo, I wanna go.

Linda Low

  • Dancing In My Heart

    Woke up this morning wondering what I should do lately it seems all I think of is you last night when you kissed me I thought that my heart might explode I`m so afraid to let you know how I feel seems like a dream don`t know if i...


  • Baby it`s you

    OoooohhaaaahhhhhOhhhaaaahhhh....... Can somebody explain to me Why everybody is trying to be Living like a celebrity Doing what they see on MTV. Ice is cool but I am looking for more simple things is what my heart beats for.

Linda Perry

  • Bang The Drum

    One day well run away Build a house made of straw and clay Worship every moonlit night While we bang upon the drum Plant seeds to grow the trees That will supply the needs To raise a wall of segregation While we bang upon t...


  • Die Girl

    For all the freaks there pull out your tits so I can suck em Or put them muther fuckers together and ima fuck em I wanna see your pussy on my face so I can eat it Or put your whole fungers in it and ima hit it Two years ago a good friend of mine Said c...


  • Tasty

    Tasty sweet like candy
    (I’m so tasty, just like candy, you’re my type of guy)
    Sexy…You really want to have me
    I see the filling is strong
    You’re my kind of guy so let’s get it on


Wriggles, Les

  • Ah bah ouais mais bon

    J`ai pas d`papa, j`ai pas d`maman, moi j`trouve зa dйgueulasse
    explique Bertrand au surveillant du dortoir de la DASS
    pis les autres enfants m`ont dit que bah normalement ils en ont

    Ah bah ouais mais bon


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