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Big Ed f Master P, Silkk, Sons of Funk

  • I`m Yo Soldier

    [Big Ed] Yo, Funky Sons, help me out Chorus [Sons of Funk] I`m yo soldier (every soldier needs some thug love) You`ll never find another (every soldier needs some thug love) I`m yo soldier (every soldier nees some thug love) You`ll never find another ...

montgomery john micheal

  • high school heart | guitar pro tab и Mp3

    ----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------- This file is the author`s own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.

montgomery monte

  • love come knockin

    Love Come Knockin`-Monte Montgomery transcribed by Ben Sheppard-benjamintx@yahoo.com Drop all strings 1/2 step h-hammeron b-bend p-pull off /-slide up -slide down r-release bend *-natural harmonic x-mute string...

montgomery wes

  • round midnight

    Date: Sun, 04 Feb 96 20:12:58 -0800 From: roland kalus Subject: Tab: Wes Montgomery Title: Round Midnight Transribed by Roland Kalus Round Midnight (T.Monk as played by W.

Александр Вертинский

  • 14-е июля

    Бурлит Сент-Антуан, шумит Пале-Рояль,
    В Париже слышен зов Камилла Демулена,
    Народный гнев растет, вздымаясь ввысь, как пена.
    Стреляют, бьют в набат, в дыму сверкает сталь.

    Бастилия взята, предместье торжествует,


  • rock candy

    From: Dave Mosley Subject: TAB: Rock Candy - Montrose Date: Tue, 03 Oct 95 09:14:00 PDT TITLE: Rock Candy GROUP: Montrose ALBUM: Montrose D A 4x ||-----------------------------2-------|| ||---------...

Aleesha Rome

  • 3 Words

    Sometimes You can be in the wrong place, at the right time Sometimes You can fall for the right one, at the wrong time Every look, has a notion Every kiss, throws me emotion Every smile shows a little devotion I know that I`ve th...

montrose ronnie

  • bad motor scooter

    TITLE: Bad Motor Scooter by: Ronnie Montrose CD: Montrose TABBED by hawkhuff Intro 2x G----5-|-----------------| D---5--|-----------------| A--3---|-5-5-5-5-55------| E------|----5-5----------| Verse: 3x G----5-|--------------------|------| D-...

monty python

  • Accountancy Shanty

    It`s fun to charter an accountant, And sail the wide accountan-cy. To find, explore the funds offshore, And skirt the shoals of bankruptcy. It can be manly in insurance. We`ll up your premium semi-anually.

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