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  • Aint Gonna Cry No More

    (coverdale/moody) Rising with the morning sun I turn to greet the dawn, Knowing I must face another day Sleepless night behind me, Just a memory of pain, My heart has always been a cross to bear Lord I know the sunshine...

Everly Brothers

  • (`till) I Kissed You

    How did I exist until I kissed ya`, Never had you on my mind, Now you`re there all the time, Never knew what I missed till I kissed ya`, uh huh, I kissed ya`, oh yeah, Things have really changed since I kissed ya`, uh huh, my life...

The Cranberries

  • Analyse

    Close your eyes Close your eyes Breathe the air, outthere We are free, we can be Wide open For you open my eyes To the beauty I see We we`ll pray, we we`ll stay Wide Open Don`t analyse Don`t analyse Don`t go that way Don`t live that way That would pa...

minogue kylie

  • Breathe

    Don`t blame me just because I am bored, I`m needy, I need to taste it all, don`t down me just because I am quiet, I`m thinking, thinking about it all, I`m helpless about the way of me, and I`m thinking, thinking about it all, I`m ...

No Sex Until Marriage

  • King For A Day

    You`re a wannabe, if you wanna be cool But you gonna be what you wanna be and you Have to do all, what your mind says Be a weird guv even if they cryDon`t try to do, what those guys say, if you don`t like it Nothing`s wrong, nothi...

Левин Александр

  • Выйдешь грозно

    Выйдешь грозно, встанешь в центре,
    вынешь песню изо рта.
    Громыхнет железной птицей,
    упадет к твоим ногам.
    Так засунь ее обратно,
    просто рта не открывай.
    Здесь так сладко и приятно
    кровью пахнет каравай,<...


  • Гром

    Птица летит за облака
    Рыба уходит в океан
    Что нам дано, несколько слов
    Но не любовь, но не любовь

    Город разбудит гром
    Город разбудит гром
    Людям расскажет он
    Что мы не будем в двоем
    По утру,...

Die Дrzte

  • Manchmal haben Frauen...

    Die Дrzte
    Manchmal haben Frauen...

    In einer Bar, sprach er mich an
    er war betrunken und roch nach schweiЯ
    er sagte:
    Junge, hцr mir zu.

Eddie Murphy

  • I`m a Believer (Reprise)

    Come on, y`all

    Then I saw her face (ha-ha)
    Now I`m a believer (listen)
    Not a trace
    Of doubt in my mind
    I`m in love
    (Ooh, ahh, yeah)
    I`m a believer
    I couldn`t leave her if I tried

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