King For A Day — текст песни (No Sex Until Marriage)

You`re a wannabe, if you wanna be cool
But you gonna be what you wanna be and you
Have to do all, what your mind says
Be a weird guv even if they cryDon`t try to do, what those guys say, if you don`t like it
Nothing`s wrong, nothing is cruel it`s only stupid to do
What you don`t like to do
Find out, what your aim is
Please don`t be remiss and do it now

And you`re a king for just one day
You`re a queen just start to sway
You`re a fool if you delay
Just change your mind

Don`t you wanna see, what you have to makeFirst you just take a brake
From everything you usually doalthough you don`t really want it yoyour life is much to short
give it a real support and make a start todayyou`ve got no time to waistthis s my message. Do you think you`ve got it
oh, I see you like to be a rude girl
all your doubts must vanish. l`m sure then you`ll get it
I really hope you`ll get it now

So are you weak or strong
It might be gorgeous, might be great
If you could find your calling you`ll aqree
Life just could supply your funky needs

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