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Evergreen Terrace

  • Behind My Back

    so you think that you are better, better than this better than all. broken. you dont know just how i feel. you dont know just what is real. so why did you say those things to try and hurt me.

miller glen

  • in the mood

    ----------------------------------------------------------------- IN THE MOOD Glen Miller Arrangement ----------------------------------------------------------------- transcribed by kupfer email chords used in t...

miller marcus

  • burning down the house

    Artist: Marcus Miller Music: Burning Down The House Album: M2 Tabbed By: Andre Veloso ( Riff 1 (00:30) G||--------------------|--------12--12--10--12--13...

No Innocent Victim

  • All For The Color

    I see the hatred buring in your heart/ and your devotion to your so called cause/ no matter what anyone can tell you/ you`re always right and they`re always wrong/ you say you`re racially pure/ but you were born in sin/ anger burns inside of you/ all f...

John Wesley Harding

  • $55

    I`m looking for those old familiar faces In the places I left behind All the Townsons, Barnes and Staces And some good old friends of mine Because everyone is someone That I seem to recognize Must be the old familiar faces In thei...

Daycare Swindlers

  • 15 Minutes

    Everywhere around the world, people want their voices heard. I just want my 15 minutes. instant fame and fortune, please see them all on MTV. I just want my 15 minutes. Lights, camera, action, blackout.

miller rodger

  • chug a lug

    Chug-A-Lug (Rodger Miller) (G)Grape wine in a Mason jar, home made and (D7)brought to school, By a friend of mine (G)after class, Me ‘n him ‘n (D)other fool decide that we’ll drink (G)up what’s left, Chug-a-lug so we (D7)helped ourselves, First time ...

Buddy Miles

  • Down by the river

    Be on my side , I`ll be your side , baby .
    There is no reason for you to hide .
    It`s so hard for me stayin` here all aloneWhen you could be takin`
    me for a ride .

    She could drag me over the rainbow and send me awa...

Eve feat. DMX

  • Scream Double R

    [The chorus is drowned out and in the back round]
    [Chorus (x2)]
    [Eve (DMX)]
    Get that ass up and Scream Double R (What!)
    We ain`t going nowhere we made it this far (Uh -1st time come on - 2nd)
    Let me see my, my dogs ...

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