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  • Come together

    Работаю на пляже я блядь мотоциклистом,
    Желающих катаю на водном мотоцикле.
    Каждый день капусту я рублю
    Я на мотоцикле трюки всякие кручу.


  • ...A Part of You

    Are you receiving me?
    You are deceiving me I know, see I know
    When we`re out walking
    Your mouth ain`t where it`s supposed to do the talking
    When we`re in kissing
    Your lips are missing, are they out on loan to someon...

Jimmy Ruffin

  • What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted

    As I walk this land with broken dreams I have visions of many things Love`s happiness is just an illusion Filled with sadness and confusion, What becomes of the broken hearted Who had love that`s now departed? I know I`ve go...

Meat Loaf

  • 45 Seconds Of Ecstasy

    45 seconds of ecstasy. How it comes right back to me. Fly so high and feel so free. 45 seconds of ecstasy. 45 seconds of ecstasy. Cuts right through the complexity. When I feel him right next to me.


  • And On

    Your mother was crying
    Your father passed her a handkerchief
    Their tear-stained faces
    Looked to mine for a sign of grief
    A thousand raincoats
    Always stand around too long
    But I stayed to talk with you

Mr. Lucci

  • Diabolical

    I make them playaz lay it down for the stoney crook you know dem boys known to clown cause we off tha hook Off tha chain with Mary Jane you best ta take a look French connection in East Texas got my body shook Now them playaz say Uhh [Chorus] Ballin s...

Sunz of Man, Shabazz the Disciple

  • Writing Rhymes with a Liquid Pen

    [Killah Priest] I`m deep into the page Each stage is like a maze, it`s like sperm reaching the egg I focus on the brain cause it be the enterprise It`s like life within the center of the eye Send off the soundwaves that abound for days The atom is surr...

Paul Van Dyk

  • The Other Side

    When this broken trough
    I will can’t with you
    When I wait my longest time
    Daylight brings the great divide
    We can like the rain
    Whispering your name
    Long to be with you divide
    Believe the sunrise ...

De La Soul f Q-Tip

  • A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays

    (And rollerskates) (And rollerskates) (And rollerskates) Q-TIP: Girl meets boy on Thursday night Boy was high, girl fly like kite They hold hands until next day Boy then lets go, hit his way Boy rules butt, brags to his boys...

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