Midnight — текст песни (Yazoo)

Midnight it`s raining outside he must be soaking wet
Everyone is sleeping tight God knows I tried my best
Darling you know it looks bad
Just lost the best thing that I ever had
Still I don`t know why I did him wrong
It`s too late now he`s gone to say

Baby oh no, can`t leave me now
Said think about it please
`Cos I love you and I need you
And I should have thought of that before I did you wrong

Heartache, heartache yeah
When I saw his face I could see how bad I`d let him down
Cheating when he was working hard, I just had to mess around
I knew from the start he ain`t got much money
I should have stayed content with all that good sweet honey
He`s a good strong man and I love him so
so how on earth can I let him go

Repeat chorus

And now it`s midnight it`s raining outside
And I`m soaking wet, still looking for that man of mine
And I ain`t found him yet
Well all of this rain can wash away my tears
But nothing can replace all of those wasted years
In all of this I tell you I have learnt
Playing with fire gets you burnt
And I`m still burning

Repeat chorus

You say you`ll lose your pride
Well don`t you know dear, don`t you know
I`ll lose so much more if you go now
Oh no...

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