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  • Cold As Ice

    MOP - Cold as Ice

    Cold as ice
    You know that you are
    Cold as ice
    You`re cold
    As ice to me
    Cold as ice
    Yeah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
    Oh, sh*t
    (You`re as cold as ice)

Stephanie Mills

  • All Day, All Night

    Ey, hey, yeah

    Everytime I`m with you, baby
    I just can`t give enough myself, no, no
    `Cause you know how to treat me, baby
    Boy, you love me like nobody else

    I neve...

bad examples

  • A Mindless Pop Song

    A mindless pop song to distract you from the problems that occupy your life. A little story about a man who should have listened to his own advice. His eyes were hazel --he worked for public radio and drove a Chevy truck.

bad influence

  • a fly drugged on insecticide

    Hey, it is Pegg here, contact the band at [djpqes@aol.com] im in bad influence and i made this guitar up so it is definatly right, ne ways, here ya all are: d--------------------------------------------------------------- a----------------------------...

Иван Колечкин

Морис Синельников, Виктор Берковский

  • На далекой Амазонке

    Музыка В.Берковского, М.Синельникова

    Слова Р.Киплинга, перевод С.Маршака

    На далекой Амазонке не бывал я никогда.

Melanie B

  • ABC 123

    You`ll let me take you to the next level
    Let your mind be free

    Let your mind be free
    If you wanna get with me
    Simple as 123
    Talking `bout ABC
    Like it real nasty
    If you want play wi...

Zuppa Romana

  • Fritti Scampi Echianti Clamari Eccola Pe

    Maccheroni cannelloni peperoni eccola per me zuppa romana bella donna mamma mia alimenti ciao roma roma napoli amore mio mozzarella mortadella tarantella eccola perme zuppa romana prego - acqua minerale grappa speciale cozze vong...

Carr Vikki

  • With Pen In Hand

    (Bobby Goldsboro) With pen in hand You sign your name Today at five I`ll be on that train And you`ll be free And I`ll be alone So alone If you think We can`t find the love we once knew If you think I can`t make everything up to yo...

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