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  • All Things

    (Roger McGuinn and Jacques Levy) See the sun how bright it is It never was before See the sun it shines right through My door but no ones`s there I see warm smiles I never gave Reflecting in the air All the things I want today All...

David Allen Coe

  • Ride `Em Cowboy

    Travelin` with the rodeo That`s the only life I`ve ever known It started in new mexico Must`ve been a hundred years ago I used to be the best they say Ridin` young wild horses for my pay Now I`m much too old it seems I only ride w...

David Ball

  • Blowin` Smoke

    Beneath this neon haze here in this honky tonk I tell everyone who`ll listen I don`t miss her being gone I`ve got a big smile on my face that`s all they see Guess there ain`t no limit to what some people will believe I say I`ve b...

Carpenter Richard

  • In Love Alone

    I memorize the words I want to say I practice every move I`ll make I polay the scene like you were here and I feel every breath you take But all my plans just seem to melt away the moment you walk in the room I try to speak but wo...

Вика Богославская

  • Не вернуть и не забыть

    Я просто задыхаюсь без тебя И годы все вернуть назад прошу И снятся твои губы и глаза Всегда к тебе и для тебя иду Автоответчик осень слезы дождь Диктуют бесконечное прости И перед сном разбитую любовь Дай мне пройти по лезвию любви Не вернуть и не за...


  • Ich Will Euer Leben Nicht

    Ich bin nicht geschaffen für ein Leben voller Zwang. Was soll ich also machen, wenn ich auf euch nicht kann.

Infinity`s End

  • Wasted Tomorrow


    We`ve shared some great times in the past,
    but I always knew that it couldn`t last.
    You`ve always been my best friend,
    but I guess all good things must end.

    As much as I d...

Quincy Jones

  • Ai No Corrida

    I hold you I touch you In a maze can`t find my way I think you I drink you I`m being served you on a tray.

Eric Claptone

  • Cocaine

    If you wanna hang out you`ve got to take her out, cocaine If you wanna get down, down on the ground, cocaine She don`t lie, she don`t lie, she don`t lie, cocaine. Riff 2x If you got bad news, you wanna kick them blues, cocaine....

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