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Schooly D

  • I Wanna Get Dusted

    (CHORUS)(2x) I wanna get dusted, I gotta get dusted baby I wanna get dusted, I gotta get dusted baby Drivin in my car, down the avenue Chewin on a J, what the fuck can ya do? Dip around the corner in my nigga`s mercedes First thing I see is a fly youn...

Abaddon Incarnate

  • The Sharing Of Thoughts With The Dead

    Starlight filters through the trees I am rapt in twisted taught I wander to the ancient tomb amidst the stinking fog Beneath the moon upon a tomb entranced in a black daze I seek forbidden truths that lie beyond the grave Dark mi...

Common and Q-Tip

  • Get on the Bus soundtrack

    Yo, we all got different things we got to deal with. We always are trying to put the blame on something else rather than sometimes looking at ourselves, recognizing a lot of the stuff that happens...but if we look within ourselves, we could prevent a l...

Dice Raw

  • Brain Softener

    [Verse 1] Since I been peein` straight, striaght crime`s been my mindstate Proud to be a petty thief ever since four feet But I make dis records so rappers would have to advance And stop wearin` the same corny watches and leather pants Psych, I don`t g...

MC Eiht

  • Aint Nuthin 2 It

    Geah In the house (come on) In the muthafuckin house (in the muthafuckin house) The viii hype thugs (geah) Geah (stick em) (aint nuthin to it But to do it) [ verse 1 ] Call it what you want, but I need some ends (s...

Notorious B.I.G. f The L.O.X., Puff Dadd

  • Fall `96 Bad Boy Promotional Tape

    [Intro: Puff Daddy] (Don`t stop, I`m not finished yet [8x]) Do you ever ask yourself, when are they ever gonna stop? Do you ever ask yourself, when are they gonna stop making those hits? Do you ever ask yourself, when are they gonna stop making us danc...

Scarface f Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z

  • Guess Who`s Back

    [Jay-Z talking] Talk to me man... This ya boy Young Hova, yo turn the muh`fuckin noise up We`ll get right into the proceedings this evening Headphones are distortin, bring it down a lil` bit Okay - now we workin wit it The boy Face on the bassline, Fac...

Abandoned Pools

  • Blood

    I see the happy the family tree
    It sways so easily
    We`re smiling all the time
    This world just isn`t mine

    We watch it burn
    And we never learn
    This can`t be what you`re waiting for
    Staring into the ...

Coolio f J-Ro, Billy Boy

  • I Remember

    Verse One: Coolio When I was a kid I rode crates on a skate And I ate everything momma put on my plate Niggaz walked around packin B-B guns Knock on yo` door and run, just for fun We went to the sto` and sold bottles fo` a nickel to feast upon a big b...

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