Def Wish Iv — текст песни (MC Eiht)

[o dawg from menace ii society]

"oh nigga guess what!

Word got back about the little marks who jacked you!

I know where they be kickin it at

Down with a 187? "





In the muthafuckin house, fool

For the 9 to the fizive-o

The eihthype thugs in the muthafuckin house


And like my nigga e-40 say:

We got a colloseum of muthafuckas in here

Tha eihthype thugs



Lil hawk & bird

Da foe

Ima hit you up with the t, so better scoot

Out the sunroof of the coupe as I shoot

And aint no crack, little cluck, its just bullets that Im slingin

Never-be-hangin, one-street-bangin

We dont be playin, fools runnin at the fuckin lip

Runnin, start runnin, you best not trip

Fast from the hip (pop pop) explodin

When the 9 mill starts unloadin

You better be watchin what you sayin

Cause niggas from 159th aint playin

Treys and 4s and houses start hittin your block

Mass hysteria, your bitch-ass gettin scarier

Dont wanna catch the slug

But yous a mark tryin to be a tree top thug

Cant get no respect, well punk, then try this

Report your homies for domestic violence

For beatin your bitch ass up and down the block

Dash, david gash, ima tap that ass

[o dawg from menace ii society]

"now we just gon find these little marks and smoke em

Shit it aint that hard"


Ima tell you bout the time that we first met

The story that you told was some fake bullshit

It was me and chill my pal

The scene was like the showdown at the o.k. coral

It was you and then about five of yall hangin

Standin in the center lookin like yall was bangin

(aint nuthin but marks)

Approached me with your "p" hat

But I was high off the blunt, so I didnt see that

But Im knowin Im a nigga you love to hate

But you grab me by my shoulder and you conversate

I shouldntve fell for it, I shouldve started slappin

Your eyes always dotted, you best stick to rappin

David blake: you fake as fuck!

I mack your ass like a muthafuckin truck

I guess that eye was too black cause you still cant see me

Servin me a drink in your khaki bikini

Oh geah, just like I said before

Aint nuthin but the ho on my dick

Little trick named quik

Geah, quick to get fucked one time

You better be callin one-time before I pull out my nine

And nigga, checks this

Fill your lexus full of holes as you slam into poles

Niggas shouldve just told me that you was a mark and

I wouldntve hit you up with that notorious park

(you know where we from)

Cant fade it, better fear it

Got one of your little b.g.s to write your fuckin lyrics

Playin around with the hood you get got

Nick name should be spot for that eye you got

You and that fake muthafucka who wrote your rap

My nigga boom bam gon slap with the trey-five strap

No muthafuckin truce

Get the ass cracked over the dome with the fuckin deuce-deuce

Dont make me have to act up

Cause yous a frail muthafucka with no back up

Original bangin on wax, nigga, you fake

member one-time gaffled, nationwide blue tape

Original compton representin to the t

Givin out slugs to you fake wanna-bes

Go run right through you

And before we kill off, remember the niew did it to you

Slick talkin, fast walkin

Nigga, howd you figure that the e wasnt gon stand and deliver?

You aint worth a penny

Never had a damn eye, dotted so many

Times, two times, three times

You fall to the floor, you dont want no mo

And if you wanna get with this you best to dash

Geah, cause ima tap that ass

West side

Fool, you cant fuck with the gangsta niggas


Aint nuthin but the new style, you know?

I likes that, the new style for that ass

9 to the fizive-0, fool

You cant fuck with these killas

So stay the fuck back

And rounds up your little homies and shit

Cause we comes a 159 deep nigga

True blue from the streets


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