Thicker Than Water — текст песни (MC Eiht)

[ intro ]



Somebody told me

They want some of that thug shit up in here


So ima take ya back down memory lane

And give ya some of that wicked shit

And ima do this right here

For all my cpt gs in the house

Check this out

[ verse 1 ]

As my life takes a twirl

I say fuck the world

Cause sometimes it seems

That its all a bad dream

Pops must have fucked with moms

On the scheme

But sooner or later

He left our 2 man team

But fuck him

Times done changed Im in the game

And I bring moms pain

Cause the game is slangin caine

Cries from my eyes as I hits the street

Pounds in the chest tha heart beats

As I roll with heats

Pops wasnt around but for a minute or shit

Until he skipped across town

With another bitch to stick

Stuck moms one more times

Then dropped a dime

And on top of that

Had a son same age mine

But, uhh, dont blame me

Cause lord I try not to

Have an attitude like fuck him until I die

But now I rebel and cause moms hell

And hit the blocks

Cause Im into makin illegal mail


[ val ]

If you keep your hood tight

Everythings gonna be alright

If youre down then you can ride with me

Its thicker than water baby

Me and you

Its thicker than water baby

So what we gon do

[ verse 2 ]

Now I runs with a gang

That hoo-bangs for fame

And crosstown robberies know tha nickname

Leave em dead in they shoes

As we servin the blues

Gs that pack tools pay dues to rule

So its cool they dumps and we dumps back

Me and my gs and the 6-4 black

Layin em flat rata-tat-tat

From the gat and shit

We represent yall hit the bricks

When the pistols spit

And I had a straight bitch and shit, thats cool

I slang for cash while she hit the books in school

I live and die for the hood, she knew the rule

Love for this thug when the world would seem cruel

I crips where the enemies dwell but Im no fool

Undercover drive off strapped with the tool

But I slipped then packed my clip

My hoodrat tripped and didnt scoop

But they still didnt shoot


[ val ]

Chorus 2x

[ verse 3 ]

I made it to deuce-5 baby and thats luck

In this rap shit to try to make some bucks

(ching , ching)

Seems like the gang bang thang got tougher

A little bit younger but then bit rougher

They been tellin me

To watch out for jealousy

Cause now a friend of me was a enemy

Strange the game done changed switched

Aint that a bitch

With the rivals makin some change

In and outta lanes in the passenger seat

Me and you and our crew strapped with heat

Outta town runs for funs no beef

We all hit licks and blows the chronic leaf

But paybacks a bitch in the end you know

And she sets up traps

Cause she snatch for dough

Let it go no come up your last trick

Cause my brothers got my back

When the shit gets thick


[ val ]

Chorus 2x

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