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Murphy Lee f Zee

  • Murphy Lee

    [Verse 1: Murphy Lee] You make a brotha wanna faint (damn!) Or put you on a plate, sock you up wit a mu`fuckin` biscuit Maan, it was a house party ayyo I probably sound corny I got oatmeal hormones ma, I`m instantly horny I mean, the way you carry your...

Shyheim f Jasmine Rae

  • The Greatest Story Never Told

    [Intro: Shyheim] + (Jasmine Rae) Man, I`m givin` a shout out to my mother and father That`s currently locked up in correctional facility in New York state I just came home, man, you know what I`m sayin`, it`s real Thank you for your support, love, loya...

Digital Underground

  • April Showers

    Squeeze, release, in and out, hold, let go, rise, come down Let the wet sensuality embrace your reality Moonstones drip slip bout it bout it see Continuously we be gettin` freaky Rose petals cham-pag-nee come and see me Positions run fluid honey rib...

Noreaga f Maze

  • Belly soundtrack

    [Noreaga and Maze] Yeah, break half the Dutch off Yeah this for them niggaz, can`t be here Pour out half of that shit Pour out half of that shit, `fore you pass it to me nigga! Just missin them summer jams Summer jams at the Apollo, the Greek Fest-es B...

Screwed Up Click f Chris Ward

  • Keep Em High

    (*talking*) Yeah-yeah, C. Ward baby, uh C-Wigga one baby, uh yeah-yeah C. Weezie baby (Ghetto Dreams, Screwed Up Click) [Chris Ward] I got so many flows, they build up like bacteria So many O`s, I call it crack-teria I got `em in you, like Luda`s cafe...

Cowboy Troy f Jon Nicholson

  • Whoop Whoop

    [Jon Nicholson] Whoop! Whoop whoop! There`s just something `bout your [Chorus - Jon Nicholson] Whoop whoop! It makes me wanna whoop whoop! I just can`t help but whoop whoop! There`s just something `bout your Whoop whoop! Whoop whoop! [Verse 1 - Cowbo...

Noreaga f Musolini

  • Going Legit

    (Noreaga) Now tell em to step up into the life of a gangster Cause there is a difference between me and the other rappers Other rappers talk about what their friends did And what their friends saw IM talking about what I did, and what I saw, smell me?...

Souls of Mischief (Tajai and Opio, on a

  • Groove2Night

    OPIO: The hieroglyphics crew mics of the round table Unstable MC`s parade on stage Like we the best Get snatched by the dragnet Lyrics cascade Now on you can imagine this TAJAI: It`s mo`, mo` deadly than a 64 The same M.O., I`ll kill you slow When y...


  • Бабочка

    С неба падает звезда Оставляя след Всё уходит навсегда Сожалений нет Чей-то голос, чей-то взгляд Пробуждает сон Не зови меня назад Призрачный фантом Летела бабочка навстречу свету Сгорела бабочка в разгаре лета Лунный свет, холодный свет Не согреет н...

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