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Gunter Gabriel

  • Adios Amigo

    Adios Amigo
    adios good-bye.
    Du weißt
    eine Freundschaft zerbricht für uns zwei.
    Wir lieben sie beide
    doch einer muß geh`n.
    Und der Blick ihrer augen
    ich kann ihn versteh`n.


Luis eduardo aute

  • Al Alba

    Careful, don`t look down the wrong end
    You will see ships that fall out of the sky
    Who put that nail in your eye
    You make me want to cry with your...
    Everything looks smashed and br...

PC & Duncan a.k.a.

  • Eternal Love

    Back in the days when we first met
    Those times
    We had I`m never gonna forget
    Long summer nights and lazy days
    We knew our love
    Was not a passing phase

    Suntan lotion that failiar smell
    I made you a...

Rap Publik

  • Hip Hop Baby

    (Intro) Hören wir Hip-Hop,
    oder Rap im CD-Shop,
    ist das tip-top und kein flop,
    denn Afrob macht seinen Breakdance nur für tausende von Fans
    und wenn die Zuschauer die Zähne flätschen,
    denkt DJ f&...

Gino Vannelli

  • A Little Bit Of Judas

    Well, you can wear those pajamas like those Tibetan llamas all day
    You can be the ascetic profound and prophetic in most every way
    You can model your life after Christ or suffice with Simon Peter
    You can bathe in holy water bow...

The Stereo

  • Can`t Look Back

    you know what i`m saying it happened long ago for reasons i don`t want to know the only thing i learned i know you won`t return and i`m doomed to a life i don`t wanna know but i keep moving on and hope i`m hanging on now i`m stuck...

Merril Bainbridge

  • Being Boring

    I came across some casual photos An invitation to teenage parties Dress in white one said with quotations From some- one`s wife a famous writer In my nineteen twenties When you`re young you find inspiration From anyone who`s...

Sonora Matancera

  • Cuando Sali De Cuba

    Nunca podr morirme, mi corazn no lo tengo aqu. Alguien me est esperando, me est aguardando que vuelva aqu. Cuando sal de Cuba, dej mi vida dej mi amor. Cuando sal de Cuba, dej enterrado mi corazn.

Condemned 84

  • Face The Aggression

    FACE THE AGGRESSION Time to do your best when you`re left on your own Gotta fend for yourself, now you`re far away from home Kicked up the arse all the time in the past Now you gotta make a stand yourself - Give them a glare, give...

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