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Cormega f Lil Wayne

  • Who Can I Trust?

    [Cormega] Yo, I write rhymes, for niggas at night time Consider your life mine Whether you pumpin 5 packs or 5 dimes My time I`m livin` it, my persona eminent Real niggas don`t keep beef we finish it No retreat, no surrenderin No rockin me to sleep I k...

Da Buzz

  • Dangerous

    I`m so dangerous... I`m so dangerous... I felt that I was old, writing in this room It`s hard to understand, the things that I couldn`t change Suddenly heaven decided to show me a new sensation I change my direction I`m ready for action I feel danger...

Murphy Lee f St. Lunatics

  • Cool Wit It

    [Kyjuan] This is Cadillac Mack haha ha Seville Appeal Luv rollin the L doggs 9 papers Verse 1 [Kyjuan] Ayyo I`m laid back and humble, yeah I`m cool wit it Kinda hungry, give me a salad and a soup wit it Aint no need for extra rolls, Sue comes wit it B...

Nelly f Justin Timberlake

  • Work It

    [Intro - Nelly - talking] Uh, uh, uh, yeah Uh, uh, uh, uh (this is a Scott Storch production) And the E-N-T is [Chorus - Justin Timberlake] + (Nelly) Baby show somethin (oh) Don`t say nothin (don`t you say a word) I just want to see you work it (c`mon...

Snoop Dogg f KoKane

  • Go Away

    [Snoop] Let cho` mind not be confused If you can walk this walk nigga take my shoes New fools, you fools, these fools, all y`all talkin bad about me, and my motherfuckin dawg He ain`t trippin, I ain`t trippin, but y`all niggaz still dissin To me, some ...

Boot Camp Clik f Louieville Slugga

  • For Da People

    [1-900-BOOTCAMP] *BEEP* `Ello, I would like to meet some people from da Bootcamp like Top Dawg, Louieville, yaknahmsayin? .. Whattup all you at Boot Camp, y`know? KnowhatI`msayin? Yo I just got them new O.G.C.

Common f Mos Def

  • Like Water For Chocolate

    Uhh.. [Common] It`s the questions (what..) it`s the questions boy It`s the questions (What?) it`s the questions c`mon The questions (WHAT?) it`s the questions boy It`s the questions (hah) it`s the questions yeah Talkin bout the questions, it`s the que...

Jeff Carson

  • Butterfly Kisses

    There`s two things I know for sure. She was sent here from heaven, and she`s daddy`s little girl. As I drop to my knees by her bed at night, She talks to Jesus, and I close my eyes.

Metallica feat. Ja Rule

  • We Did It Again

    Owwww... (yeah) Yeah we did it (its on fire) Yeah we did it (we are ready to rock this) Yeah we did it (uh uh ye got metallica,in here) Yeah we did it (ja rule,swiss the monster) Lets go: Just When you Though it was over Just When you though it ...

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