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Aaron Tippin

  • Ain`t That A Hell Of A Note

    I hollered hey honey, I`m home like I do every day at four
    But the TV ain`t on and the car is gone, she must be at the store
    Then I spied this piece of paper it looked like a list of things to do
    But when I got down to number s...

Beenie Man f Ms. Thing, Shawnna (D.T.P.)

  • Dude (Remix)

    * send corrections to tha typist [Intro: Beenie Man] You want a proper fix, call me You want to get your kicks, call me You want your G`s fixed, call me Mi have di remix, call me From di odda daaayy It`s like a play some bwoy, a plaaayy Mi hear di gir...

Chris Ward

  • Ain`t No Love

    (*talking*) Whoo, listen here mayn This one here, is for the haters Understand this here daddy [Hook] (Ain`t no love), never have never will be I`m still on the grind, still out for mine and I`m still me (Ain`t no love), that`s just how it is Sometime...

Show and A.G. f Walli World

  • Got Ya Back

    [AG] Now if you need me [WW] You know I`m here, G You got my back, black? [AG] You know it`s like that [WW] If you need me [AG] You know I`m here, G You got my back, black? [WW] You know it`s like that [AG] Well it`s the A to the jigga jigga...

Black Eyed Peas

  • A8

    Intro/Conversation: Yo son, whatcha think about those Peas, though? Yo, yo, I don`t know, them dudes just be on stage, dancin and stuff...

Cormega f Lil Wayne

  • Who Can I Trust?

    [Cormega] Yo, I write rhymes, for niggas at night time Consider your life mine Whether you pumpin 5 packs or 5 dimes My time I`m livin` it, my persona eminent Real niggas don`t keep beef we finish it No retreat, no surrenderin No rockin me to sleep I k...

Da Buzz

  • Dangerous

    I`m so dangerous... I`m so dangerous... I felt that I was old, writing in this room It`s hard to understand, the things that I couldn`t change Suddenly heaven decided to show me a new sensation I change my direction I`m ready for action I feel danger...

Murphy Lee f St. Lunatics

  • Cool Wit It

    [Kyjuan] This is Cadillac Mack haha ha Seville Appeal Luv rollin the L doggs 9 papers Verse 1 [Kyjuan] Ayyo I`m laid back and humble, yeah I`m cool wit it Kinda hungry, give me a salad and a soup wit it Aint no need for extra rolls, Sue comes wit it B...

Nelly f Justin Timberlake

  • Work It

    [Intro - Nelly - talking] Uh, uh, uh, yeah Uh, uh, uh, uh (this is a Scott Storch production) And the E-N-T is [Chorus - Justin Timberlake] + (Nelly) Baby show somethin (oh) Don`t say nothin (don`t you say a word) I just want to see you work it (c`mon...

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