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Roland Kaiser

  • Alles, was Du willst

    Ein Ende kann ein Anfang sein - auch für Dich,der Glaube
    an Dich selbst läßt Dich nie im Stich.
    Alles was Du willst, liegt in Deinen Händen
    es beginnt die Wirklichkeit, wenn die Träume enden.

Caldwell And Halls

  • She`s A Centimetre Shorter Than A Meter

    (Parody on Five Foot Two) She`s a centimetre shorter than a metre and a quarter, And ev`ry millimetre is in perfect working order, Has anybody seen my gal? I know I`m only human but I still have the acumen To know her eyes are fla...

Secada Jon

  • After All Is Said And Done

    Can you forgive me Just take me back I promise to be a man of honor Is there still a chance That we can find tomorrow Forget the sorrow Live for today Because yesterday`s come and gone Now I know better I hope you can stand a litt...

Blaque f Missy Elliott

  • Ugly

    [Missy] You sho` is ugly, ugly Aaaah, you ugly [Blaque] (Missy) Hey boy, I don`t mean to be rude But the way you coming on made me catch an attitude You wanna know what the deal, but what`s up with your grill Cause you ugly so please stop talking junk...

Second Class

  • Deja

    we are running out of time there is no decent reason why cause on our own we can be strong and on our own we`ll prove you wrong we cant just sit around while you decide you`re not the one who can make up our minds cause on our own...

Eric Berry

  • Whatch Ya Wanna Do

    chillin here with my brother smokin on that mother fuckin weed
    we come from long beach we tell the mother fuckin story how it
    goes down we tell niggas not to fuck with us cuz we are just
    g`s like that.

Bubba Sparxxx f Ms. Jade and Timbaland

  • Ugly (Remix)

    (Chorus - Timbaland) Beat Club Shock the monkey wit `em, shock the monkey wit `em To the beat now, Timbaland, uh Shock the monkey wit `em, shock the monkey wit `em To the beat now, Bubba Sparxxx, uh Shock the monkey wit `em, shock the monkey wit `em To...

Alkaline Trio

  • 100 Stories

    You`re in the next room sleeping and I`m shouting out a song for you I shouldn`t wake you over the furnace, but I should swear to someone you`d have loved every note So dream a good one tonight I`ll listen to the bad ones when they come Get up in m...


  • Karuzela Z Madonnami

    Wsiadajcie madonny madonny
    Do bryk szesciokonnych sciokonnych
    Konie wisza kopytami nad ziemia
    One w brykach na postoju juz drzemia

    Kazda bryka malowana w trzy ogniste farbki
    I trzy konskie masci:
    Od suf...

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