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Alex Britti

  • Gelido

    Gelido come Mi guardo allo specchio E non mi vedo piщ Qual и il mio nome, Qual и la mia cittа Dov`и che abito Gelido come Un pezzo di ghiaccio Mi guardo e non ricordo Le cose Di cui ho bisogno E non mi piace piщ Gelido come La luna mi guarda Ma no...

Bahamadia f Cali Agents, Chops (Mtn. Bro

  • BB Queen EP

    [Bahamadia] Poems stay calm, approachin it They be flop and over it Back on my feet just like I`m `posed to get (Yeah!) Livin up, I tell it y`all totin chicks You ain`t really hot, you just image and politics The total type, y`all duplicates and male ...


  • Im Jahre 2002

    Tage kommen und Tage gehen die Erde hat sich gedreht. Wenn wir beide noch länger warten dann ist es plötzlich zu spät. Im Jahre Zweitausendzwei ja da ist alles vorbei.


  • Ain`t No Sunshine

    Ain`t no sunshine when she`s gone It`s not warm when she`s away Ain`t no sunshine when she`s gone and she`s always gone too long Anytime she goes away Wonder this time where she`s gone Wonder if she`s gonna stay Ain`t no sunshin...

Screaming Trees

  • Alice Said

    Alice said to come on in now its time for bed The hours quite late I need a nap to clear my head And later, down, the pillow softly calls to me Ive never sent down, bounced all around Now I cant see Blind, happily Alice ...

Daniele Pino

  • A Me Me Piace `o Blues

    A me me piace `o blues e tutt`e juorne aggio cant pecch so stato zitto e mo `o mumento `e me sfuca` sono volgare e so che nella vita suoner pe chi tene `e complessi e nun` `e v A me me piace `o zucchero ca scenne dinto `o caf e c...

Alex E

  • Tonight

    It`s just you and I You`re finally by my side You ain`t going nowhere And no one will have to know You`re here with me tonight Let`s take our time `Cause deep in our hearts I know we`ll find This moment`s forever And we`ll never l...

Bookie f Agony, Omega G

  • Stressin

    [Intro] Uh I like that Now what we `bout ta do Is get up in them speakers Youknowwhatimsayin? Representin` the 6-0-2 I go by the name of Bookie So clear the words Fo` Life Ha, ha Check it out Uh [Bookie] Now whem I come through stompin` Other niggas t...

Alex Harvey

  • Faith Healer

    If your body`s feelin` bad And it`s the only one you have You want to take away the pain Go out walkin` in the rain You watch the flowers go to bed Ask the man inside yah head Your spirit never has to grieve All yah got to do`s be...

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