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Jim Steinman

  • Back For Good

    The sea is whipping the sky The sky is whipping the sea You can hide away forever from the storm But you`ll never hide away from me The icy cold will cut us like a knife in the dark And we may lose everything in the wind But the N...

mulheren joe

  • forever always

    ----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------- This file is the author`s own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.

mull historical society

  • animal cannabus

    Artist: Mull Historical Society 10.10.02 Album: Loss Song: Animal Cannabus Words & Music: Colin MacIntyre Chorded out by Me(suggestions & abuse to The verses/chorus`/bridges dont make much sense - ive named them to show ...

Alien Fashion Show

  • Rocket 95

    She moves like a reed in the wind swayin` hips, devil`s grin all I want is a place in the sky so I can see her as she`s passin` by Chorus: She`s the only girl for me in this big bad galaxy if you see her passin` by tell ...

Alien Intelect

  • All Alone

    -chorus- love is like a bullet straight throught the heart it goes no one knows how to stop it never goes the way you want it so i understand what i didn`t understand before so i realise what i didn`t realise before -ver...

mull martin

  • hors douerves

    From: (Mike Wagner) Subject: ./m/mull_martin/hors d`oeuvre.crd Hors D`ouerves (M.Mull) Verse 1: Amaj7 La La La La La, Ab7 La La La La La La La, Gmaj7 La La La La La, F7 B7...

Bow Wow f Amerie

  • To My Mama

    [Bow Wow - talking] (Amerie) Haha, yeah, this song right here is dedicated to that one special woman in my life, right (Thank you for loving me) My mother (And thank you for holding me down) Theresa (I know that you care for me) Renee (Cause you always...


  • 1000 Nadelstiche (needles And Pins)

    Ich sah sie heut` Nacht vergess sie nie ihr kleines Gesicht und ich weiss wenn ich nicht sofort geh` dann tut mein Herz mir weh! 1000 Nadelstiche needles and pins yeah doch alle meine Schmerzen sind alles nur Scherze! Hey Ich h...


  • Blind Leads Blind

    Welcome to the time of degeneration Following eyes - eyes so blind Slaves of a dogmatic indoctrination But what`s beyond threatening destination Make sure that this jester life Is a task in hell`s embrace The poison is taking eff...

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