Just Another Killer — текст песни (Schoolly D)

(The spick pulls a razorblade on ya
And you got no ?mop ring? in your hand, run
You have any static with a nigger
And there ain`t no whites around
You can get a spick to watch your back
You may stand a chance, but that ain`t no guarantee
You have any static with a spick
Don`t get no nigger to watch your back
Cause you ain`t gonna have none
- Ha - you can say that again)

(Base) --> Chuck D

(Ah yeah)

Once upon a time in the ghetto
Lived a nigga, kinda rough, kinda mellow
>From the gang called the Parkside Killers
Smoked a lotta j`s, drunk a lotta Millers
On the corner sellin lleyo with the boys
Holdin his dick, fuckin with the young whores
You say, Yo nigga, what`s your name?
He say, Suck my dick, tell your mother do the same
His mother and his father said fuck him
All the bitches on the block will suck him
If a nigga owes him money, better duck him
Because he just might buck-buck-buck him
On his head is a muthafuckin bounty
If he caught, he go straight to the county
Be another young brother in jail, yo
For standin on the corner, sellin that lleyo

(Ah yeah)

Just another killer

(Ah yeah)

Just another killer, baby


I tear the roof off any muthafucka
Damn right, I could never be a sucker
Schoolly-School back on the sneak tip
Fuck the niggas that`s talkin that bullshit
One-two-three-four, lookin at my Gucci
Meet a fly bitch, fuck up the coochie
I do shit you never were conceivin
I`m Schoolly-School, the nigga you believe in
Hold up, nigga, what the fuck was you thinkin?
Who`s the nigga that you think that you`re gankin
In my eyes you can see all the anger
That`s why I`m a fuckin gangbanger
What the fuck did you expect me to wanna be?
When everytime that I turn on my TV
And every bit the drug dealer look like me
It`s alright for me to pull the trigger
Just as long as I pull it on another nigger

Fuck it, I keep you dancin like James Brown
Alright boy, if you want it, here`s the breakdown
I don`t care how rough you think you is
I beat you down in the muthafuckin midst
I ain`t tryin TO be your sister or your brother
I kick your ass like if I was your mother
I`m gonna make their minds so muthafuckin simple
To the rhyme Schoolly is a nympho
Or like a crazy muthafucka on cocaine
I`m the nigga that`s fuckin up yo brain
To the niggas that`s talkin that bullshit
The only thing that you`re gankin is my dick
There`ll never be another muthafucka like me
There ain`t another brother ever will excite me
Inside my black Lee`s a muthafuckin weapon
You don`t dig it, keep on steppin

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