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Big Kap and Funkmaster Flex f Kool G. Ra

  • QBG

    [Funkmaster Flex] PRODIGY, KOOL G RAP! [Prodigy] Nigga, I got cash nigga I had tooken care of real quick I ain`t wettin that Chorus [Prodigy] 2x Yo what`s the deal, you a thug or what We cut you up, nigga we`ll fuck you up What be the drill, we the Q...

Philly`s Most Wanted

  • Cocoa Leaf (No Relief)

    (featuring Clipse, Fam-Lay & Rosco P. Coldchain) [Pharrell in background] [Pharrell] Yo, hah huh, yo tell em [Verse - Pusha T] Kard` in me, I flow too angry for some Introduce myself I waving a gun Cocked the banger, fille...


  • Sister/Mother

    Sister Mother, I need your protection Sing a prayer for my souls insurrection I know its none of your business But Im in need of a hundred thousand dollar witness Drop my wallet in the wishing well But thats the same old story th...

Baby Beesh f Mr. Kee

  • Quarterback

    [Baby Beesh] Fo sho.. Pass that sweet nigga And quit bumpin` yo gums See that shit you be barkin` mayne I already done At least twice mutha fucka Bling-blingin` some ice The dope game hall of fame I`m in like Jerry Rice Money fanatic This nigga known f...

Steven Curtis Chapman

  • Blind Lead The Blind

    There`s a teacher in a school room Somewhere on the edge of town Telling innocent little children what we used to be They look and listen without a question They see the pictures passed around Making facts out of a theory and they...

Big Noyd f Godfather (Infamous Mobb)

  • Queens

    [Big Noyd] Yeah-Yeah, Yeah, grab the pump pump (yeah) It`s on we `bout ta thump thump... ...aiyo aiyo my left eye jump, I feel bad luck upon me Make me grab my pump and call my Brook-Lyn army We by Q.B. and N.C.

Rm Fariz

  • Sakura

    Senada cinta bersemi di antara kita Menyandang anggunnya peranan jiwa asmara Terlanjur untuk terhenti Di jalan yang telah tertempuh Semenjak dini sehidup semati Kian lama kian pasrah kurasakan jua Janji yang terucap tak mungkin te...


  • A Boy Like That

    A boy like that, who`ll kill your brother Forget that boy, and find another One of your own kind Stick to your own kind A boy like that, like that A boy like that will give you sorrow You`ll meet another boy tomorrow One of your ...

Bravehearts f Lil` Jon, Nas

  • Quick To Back Down

    * first single; send corrections to the typist [Lil Jon] Yeah! Bravehearts! Yeah! That boy Nas! Yeah! Me I`m your boy Lil Jon Yeah! Right now we going to talk about these niggas! Yeah! That`s got a lot of mouth, what! Yeah! But when It`s t...

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