Living Water — текст песни (Bob Carlisle)

I feel Your touch, I can feel Your heart,
As I`m lying here, alone in the dark.
I feel Your voice gently say, Come to Me.
I long for Your love as the earth longs for the rainfall.
I`m weary - Lord, I`ve wandered this desert too long.

So come, living water, flow through me like a river,
My heart`s been thirsting so long.
Flood through my soul, and pour out your mercy.
Come, living water, fill me.

Lord, so many times You`ve called my name,
And I`ve turned my face the other way.
Yet before I even saw the womb, You loved me.
How can I be so blind
When I alone have created my darkness.
Forgive me, and wash me clean again.

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