Look At You — текст песни (Backyard Babies)

Look at you man, Look at the band
Look at the day donґt throw it away
I need a pill and a coffee refill
and everything is gonna be alright
I swear! look at your cat and
your eighty square flat look at your
view over Stockholm zoo
maybe youґre wrong but maybe iґm right
cause I guess Iґm born black & white
you could be a rґnґr-star no matter who
you are but itґs all the same cause youґre a real
dead end thatґs what you are. belive iґm gonna have
myself a ball and i donґt careif you donґt like how I act
when iґm on top on your wife iґm goingdown iґm running
up I walking zig-zag and iґm tripping to much so hold fire
iґm commin trough Iґve gotta kill another bottle og doom
now everybody wanna dance with you i can not dance cause
my boots are stuck with glue everybody wanna talk to much
but all i want i you. Look at your count on your credit-card
amount a billion tour but i just go for-heads up, legs down, stay-ups,
fuck-ups cause everything gonna be alright

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