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Сергей Арно

  • Анэсу Зарифьяну

    Сергей Арно

    Вот один поэт тебя не понял.

    Или понял слишком.

    Как-то боязно, когда снисходят

    ко твоим делишкам.

    В Институт Души он твой проректор,

    или ...

Destiny`s Child feat. T.I.,Lil Wayne

  • Soldier

    Hey (I want a soldier)
    Well you got it, I`m the hottest around
    They`ll know it when they see you rollin` Impalas around
    (I got a soldier)
    With the top down, feelin` the sounds
    Quakin` and vibratin...

Talib Kweli (Reflection Eternal) Tony To

  • Black Label: Hip Hop 101

    *email typist with correct Spanish lyrics* [Talib Kweli] Turn the music up a little bit Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo Uh, yeah Come on everybody 5x Hide your crops, here come the lyrical locusts, hurry! If your vision`s blurry, now focus is necessary Son...

Elvis Presley JXL

  • A little less conversation

    A little less conversation, a little more action please All this aggravation ain`t satisfactioning me A little more bite and a little less bark A little less fight and a little more spark Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me Sati...


  • 9 out of 10

    Artist: Justifide Song: 9 Out of 10 Album: Life Outside the Toybox Tabbed by: Sat <Sat@bassplayer.cc> I saw these guys play a show around my area and I was suprised by how good they are.


  • Burning House

    You know you look swell, you look swell,
    What`s going on?
    You know you look swell.
    You look it, you look it, you look it.
    You know the self self self is a burning house,
    You know the self...
    So get out, so get...

Michael Jones duet with Francis Cabrel

  • Des Nuits Trop Longues (Hesitation Blues)

    Cфtй cњur j’ai le chagrin
    D’un йpouvantail
    Du gosse qui revient
    D’un champ d’bataille

    Les nuits trop longues, j’m’amuse а compter
    Le peu que la vie nous donne, le peu que l’on est

    Noyй d’alcool ...


  • Itchy palms

    Itchy palms... aching hands, scratch for the longing, the longing to leave here tonight. I met him here, found myself hiding inside, he`s just like the mirror - of me.. But I have to got away... fly into the blue...

Talib Kweli and Hi Tek f Mos Def

  • This Means You

    [Mos] Sometimes, you gotta be direct with the people, y`know like.. [T.K] Give it to `em (c`mon) [Mos] Yo! [T.K] Give it to `em [Mos] GET, UP, NOW! [Talib Kweli] Yo, we keep it type raw, and know exactly what we fight for when the nightfall come, we i...

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