Drunk Man Talkin` — текст песни (Lonestar Ridaz f Russell Lee)

Ain`t no love
Ain`t no love

[1st Verse]
Why the fuck do I wake up with a beer in my hand
and burnt finger tips from the roach that I had
It`s a mad world, more cash, more worries
I got my mom`s house and made it three stories
I`m tryin` to live life like I`m supposed to be, but don`t
Don`t stand so close to me
I`m a Lone Star Rida, I ride alone
If he test me, I fuck off that maricon
It`s the SPM, see more pussy than lesbian
Still a killa from my skin to my skeleton
Jealous men, ya`ll softer than gelatin
I sip medicine wit more lead than Zeppelin
I fight for the ones, that`s standin` in prison
They say I got a big head, must`ve saw me pissin`
Here come the police, but this time they ain`t knockin`
This is verse one of a drunk man talkin`

[Chorus] x 2
Ain`t no love
[Russell Lee]
In the heart of the city
For a drunk man talkin`
Ain`t no love
[Russell Lee]
In the heart of the city

[womans voice]
Hey! (echoes & fades out)

[2nd Verse]
I feel happy for the happy
And sad for the sad
I`m a member of the club that never had no dad
No money, no food, I got room for dessert, mom
And by the way, the beans and rice were the bomb
So we made it mom
I`m so glad that you proud of me
Sorry, for throwing that bitch over the balcony
I promise not to do no stupid shit no more
But I`ve shook the hands of men that want me six below
Bein` Brown ain`t easy mom, I`m losin` my mind
The only niggas I got beef wit is my own fuckin` kind
I know you happy that I ain`t sellin` dope no more
And that these crackheads ain`t knockin` at our door no more
And that I don`t walk around with a gun no more
And that the neighbors ain`t talkin` bout your son no more
You showed me it`s the little things that make life beautiful
Only God knows the shit that I put you through

(Chorus) x 2

[3rd Verse]
I can`t forget about the day, I buried my friend
I couldn`t believe how quick his bitch got married again
We went from playin` freeze tag
To playin` toe tag
Throw gats
Blow hats
Old shacks
With more rats
Than a little bit
Fuck money, cuz it ain`t shit
You need enough for a 40 and a cigarette
I sit here in this candy truck
With that 8 mixed wit grape and my Stanley Cup
Ain`t no love and ain`t no peace bro
I`m just tryin` to get my slice of the pizza
Maan, like Martin Luther King
I got a dream, I just wanna see the fuckin` Wet Back on T.V.
Like ABC, or NBC, or CBS, or fuckin` MTV
I ain`t nobody special man, I`m just like you
All I do is blow big and bang Dj Screw (Dj Screw)
I love you my nigga

[Russell Lee]
No love...
No love...

Ain`t no love

I`m just a drunk man talkin`

[Russell Lee]
Ain`t no love Ain`t no love...
Ain`t no love...
Ain`t no love Ain`t no love...

[Russell Lee]
Ain`t no love Ain`t no love...
Ain`t no love...
Ain`t no love Ain`t no love...

Ain`t no love

Ain`t no love

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