Cormega Freestyle — текст песни (Funkmaster Flex f Cormega)

Yeah you kow what time it is

A-yo Mega Montana drama is my cod of honor
Fuck a vest I wear my coat of armor
I`m a ghetto soldier throwin` hollows
In God we trust through the knowledge as follows
My Firm multiple dollars I know you wish
I was still in prision feeling sorrow
Plans for tomorrow expand convict in a condo
Ninja black Lexus yo check this I`m from the Bridge son I rep it
And shine like my gold necklas in a reflection of a sinner perfected
And manifested in the essence
Who ever test this either hard to kill or live a death wish
I bless this shit nigga you hand to hand I`m plannin` my next flick
Of Firm volume number on Flex shit
Yeah nigga be runnin` up the spot with mad shit get knocked
Go to court for razorblade in they asses son
I live the life of trifeness
Ghetto nights and razorblades slicing the wife`s shit
Metal type hood fellow for life takin` mines like Tyson
My work fare with death and inditment old timers are lightin`
I started writtin` and become the trifest
Nigga in Queensbridge ended up on Rikors
Seems shit was real as steel guage
My enemies think individuals a cat witht an ill fate

Yeah son you know how we do.
My man Funkmaster Flex yo volume 2.
It`s real like that y`all.

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