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Memphis Bleek f Carl Thomas

  • Everyday

    [Memphis Bleek](Carl Thomas) Yeah (oh), yo (oh) Ay yo, you niggas know the Memph stay high and shit Eleven hundred on Sunset burn the strip Tryna choose which freak can drive the whip You know the five double oh You know how it go You know all the hoes...

ape black

  • fuck the pigs

    ARTIST:BLACKAPE SONG TITLE:FUCK THE PIGS BY:BRAD JONES INTRO=SLOW E:------------------------------------------------------------------ A:--5533--5505533--55----------------------------------------------- D:------33-------33----------------------------...

apes of wrath

  • buddy love

    song: Buddy Love Artist: Apes Of Wrath tabber:Zinn verse G|----------------------9--7-- D|------7--5-----------------9-- Reapeat A|------------5--5--5----------- E|--5--------------------------- chorus G|------ D|--7--- A|--5--- let ring while ...


  • lady marmalade

    Labella ******** Lady Marmalade Album:Disco Fever Written By: Bass Player: Transcription By:Simon Merrick Also covered by the All Saints amoungst others, this is quite a classic. Here it goes...

Зоя Ященко, Олег Заливако

  • Австралия

    Стихи Зои Ященко

    Музыка Зои Ященко, Олега Заливако

    { Intro: C Dm C G }

    C E7 Am



  • Sparkling Diamonds

    Kidman, Broadbent & Cast

    The French are glad to die for love
    [They delight in fighting duels
    But I prefer a man who lives
    And gives expensive jewels.]

    A kiss on the hand may be q...


  • fallinharrison

    ----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------- This file is the author`s own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.

Mary J. Blige f J.D., ROC

  • Everything (So So Def Remix)

    [JD] So So Def come on Uh, say what? Y`all know what it is! Mary come on [Mary](JD) It`s all because of you (uh-huh) I`m never sad and blue (uh-huh) You brighten up my day In your own special way Whenever you`re around (uh) I`m never feeling down You ...

Cunninlynguists f Braille

  • Missing Children

    [Intro] On my way to find myself again I have come a long long from home to see (x3) Ha Braille, a little louder [Braille] My last breath echoes through your oxygen suppy You not find, I`ve never been, who I claim You can`t tame the lion when it break...

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