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U-God f Hell Razah, Leatha Face, Raekwon

  • Shell Shock

    [Leatha Face] To my hard rocks, locked in cell blocks, never shell shock Melt the ox in your face, displaced in the penalty box My enemies heart pumps poisonous blood, your choice, the slugs You do dirt in the rain, than your name is mud Major love to ...

Dave Lewis Band

  • Cherry Street Blues

    I`ve been thinking its about time You and me we go for a ride We got the wide open road in front of us Just you and me and my old VW bus Just leave your job and we`ll live off the land And go on tour like a rock n` roll band I kno...


  • Let me know

    chorus 1:
    Can I get your number, and is it cool to call you on the under
    Let me know
    I heard that you had you had a gut
    But if you feel that he`s not treating you right, let me Know
    If you wanna give me a chanc...

Capital Sound

  • Higher Love

    Take me up Take me higher Lift me up To a higher love Take me up Take me higher Lift me up To a higher love ..... dance, move it, feel the beat Move me up to higher love .....

Seraphim Shock

  • After Dark

    Death, it comes soon my love Demons play dressed in candlelight scarlet rain on skin as snow never fades Cum my love and take the devil`s kiss My lust drenched in blood My love split the skin My lust Mortal dreams, thousand years ...

Dave Mathews Band

  • Big Eyed Fish

    Story of a man, Who decided not to breathe. Turned red, purple, then blue. Colorful indeed. No matter how his friends begged, Well, he would not concede, And now he`s dead.

Black Legend

  • You see the trouble with me

    Can`t feel Can`t feel nothin` Come on Come on See trouble with me Can`t do nothin` without my babe Yea plain as can be This girls gonna drive me crazy See trouble with me Can`t do nothin` can`t feel nothin` And as plain, plain as can be Gi...

The Benjamins

  • Clover

    I can`t imagine what you must think I have more to say than what I`m willing to tell I have ideas about the way things should be I have a picture of you that you didn`t give me (chorus) be careful it`s like taking steps bac...


  • Близнецы

    Ты мне веришь, Ну а я не верю – Мы в семью играем тыщу лет И какой-то тайный смысл, наверно, Выбивают пальцы на столе.

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