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Виктор Шнейдер

  • (из пьесы Капли датского короля)

    Виктор Шнейдер

    Ночь. Весна. Средневековье

    Распласталось на курганах,

    Не пропитанное кровью,

    А как в рыцарских романах.

    Среди поля на дороге -


Jessica Folcker

  • I do

    If you could look inside my heart Then you would know your love has played the greatest part If you could see inside my mind Then you would know I think about you all the time No need to Question You will have my affection CHORUS: For better or for w...

Big Mountain

  • Caribbean Blue

    I wanna know, where did she go I`m in the limbo, oh, where did she go You left me Caribbean Blue I`ve got the sunshine but I haven`t got you Left my paradise alone And one more sunset to face on my own I drawn my sorrows in the ga...

Аркадий Дубинчик, Андрей Коган

  • В горах идут дожди

    Музыка Аркадия Дубинчика

    Стихи Аркадия Дубинчика, Андрея Когана


    Там где должно быть небо - неба нет, Am F H7

    Лишь облака, и им конца...

Jean Wyclef

  • 911

    911 - Wyclef Jean ----------------------------------------------------] --/12--10--8--7--8--5-------------------------------] --------------------------------4-----------3-------] -----------------------------5-----------4----------] -----------------...

Young Buck

  • Bang Bang

    {samples are from Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) - Nancy Sinatra} {Bang bang, I shot you down bang bang} {You hit the ground, bang bang} {That awful sound - bang bang} {I used to shoot you down} [Young Buck] Don`t nobody wanna die, but e`rybody wan...

Walter Oberbrandacher

  • Schau Linda

    Es wor a Sommertag bis i die g`funden hab dort auf d`Autobahn nach München. I denk mir so ein Glück des Madel nimmst du mit da bleib i vor ihr stehn und schau nach hinten.

Fruits Basket

  • Teru Teru Momiji

    Yuhi you yamani
    Teru-Teru Momiji
    Kaeru yatokage ga
    Kon`nichi wa

    Koi no arai
    Tabu no ko umani

    Yuhi you yamani
    Teru-Teru Momiji
    Kaeru yatokage ga
    Kon`nichi wa


Walters Jamie

  • Dog On A Chain

    Don`t ya know you confuse me Everytime you walk away And I feel like you just use me `Cause you know I`m gonna stay Where ya lead I just follow Anywhere I come to you Chorus: Like a dog on a chain When you call out my name I come ...

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